The Things He Said

The other day, while we walked to the car, Kyle suddenly spoke to me in Mandarin.

K: 妈,这是什么?

Me: Huh?! *I looked at him in blur*

K: 这是我们的汽车!

Me: 哇! 你好棒! 我真开心!

K: 我很厉害!

Me: 哈哈哈! 是的!你是我最厉害的宝贝!

Thank you the team at Kidstartnow! I am able to see my boy speaking more and more mandarin now, even without anyone initiating it. :) he is able to start a  chinese conversation by himself!

What did I do to deserve this sweet pretty boy! Didi Kyne messed up the notepad papers, but Brother Kyle told me "Don't worry mummy! You watch the TV! I will help you clean up!" And he really picked up every piece and packed them back nicely. I kept repeating to him "Thank you Kyle very much!" And yet he replied in a chirpy way "You are Welcome!"

Today he also said to me in pausing mandarin "妈妈!我是宝贝!" "我生病! 我吐!" "弟弟很坏!" He is speaking more and more mandarin! 对不起宝贝! 妈妈很坏! 你不舒服妈妈还骂你!

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