NoQ for Books this June Holiday?

Where do you usually get books for your child to read? When I was working last time, I used to buy so many books that I thought were good but LOL, just like all first time parents, many things which we believe are good may not worked for our child ya? I soon learnt that I am wasting a lot of money when I can just bring my boy to the library to expose him to a huge variety of books first, and narrow down to what he likes and what works for him. Which other place is better than our public libraries for this!? 

So, as i understand my boy better, I am also able to tell which types of books interests the him and which would encourage him to read on his own. I then buy theses books for our very own and we had been on our daily before-sleep-time reading routine since late March this year! :) 

This June holidays, I managed to grab some really value buy good books for Kyle from the NoQ Store! Actually I ordered theses books on 19 May and it arrived on 30 May, just before the school holidays! Something to fill time in between the long days of the school holidays. I bring books when I go out with my boys too. Do you?

Neat Parcel from NoQ Store

Hehe, Kyle said if we add eyes, nose and mouth, this look like a face!
Tadah! Some really value buy we got! The Dora 2in1 book at SGD5.24, Sesame Street 10 books readers at SGD13.66 and the homework helpers at SGD3.54 each only!

From now till 31 July 2014, my readers will be entitled to an exclusive 15% discount on all purchases at NoQ Store when they use code MIRACULE at checkout! If you are keen, start your shopping for books now on !

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