Kidsme Weaning Products Launch at Roosevelt Diner Bar

Few weeks back, we were invited to the Kidsme weaning products launch held at Roosevelt's Diner and Bar located in Chinatown. 

That's Baby Kyne and Me with the very adorable Kidsme Mascot

We were given an introduction about Kidsme by the founder of Totsworld Pte Ltd, Qiqi Low. I learnt that Kidsme has been established since 2007, with a diversified range of baby products in the markets of age 0-3 infant feeding, oral care products and toys. Kidsme is exclusively distributed by Totsworld Pte Ltd in Singapore.

Qiqi doing a demonstration with Kidsme Products

The star of Kidsme Products - Icy Moo Moo Soother $14.90, Food Feeder Plus with Silicon Grinder $29.90 and Food Feeder $18.90

The mummies gathered around to watch Qiqi do the demonstration using the Kidsme Products

My favorite product of all is the Kidsme Multi Function Food Scissors! Since Baby Kyne is the second child, i had since become more relaxed (lazy) in weaning & feeding. Plus the fact that, maybe because he has an older sibling to observe, Baby Kyne has preferred more solid foods like rice and spaghetti which makes it hard for me to prepare home cooked food and bring it out to feed him - rice will be too tedious and spaghetti will cool too fast. The only home cooked food that i can bring out easily is porridge but Kyne super hates porridge. In fact, his favorite food is the same as his Big Brother : Pasta from Pastamania! This scissors surely makes things a lot easier to prepare outside food to feed Kyne!

My favorite product - the Multi-Function Food Scissors $16.90! It can cut, scoop and mash! Really perfect for on the go feeding with Baby!

You can cut, mash or scoop food easily for baby! Image from Totsworld
Qiqi is using the multi function food scissors to scoop dragon fruit out

Dragonfruit smashed with the multi-function food scissors

you can use the food scissors to scoop it out again! 

Another very innovative product is the Kidsme Food Feeder! It allows parents to feed the child easily, while having meals at the same time together with the child! 

The Food Feeder:
  • allows us to introduce fresh food as young as 4 months old
  • encourage child to self feed independently
  • is safe and easy to use
  • reduces risk of choking
  • doubles as teether
  • promotes baby to chew and chewing has many benefits (see below)
  • can be sterilise and is easy to wash
  • comes with a cap so it makes feedings more hygienic

Baby Kyne's Food Feeder

Features of Food Feeder. Image from TotsWorld

How to use Food Feeder, Image from Totsworld

Research has shown that:
  • Chewing allows your body to break down the food in smaller particles which is makes it easier for digestion.  
  • Chewing also stimulates saliva production, which contains (digestive) enzymes which helps to break down fats and starches. Helps digestions and better nutrients absorption. 
  • Chewing is important for speech development. The actions of mouth, lips, tongue, cheeks and jaw when they chew, are the same motor skills which works on the same muscles which is needed for speech development. 
  • Different textures required different oral motor skills.
    Pureed and lumpy food encourage chewing and tongue exercise
    Solid food encourage chewing and help develop and strengthen jaw, as well as lips and tongue muscle

Surprisingly, Kyne who refused the pacifier takes to the feed feeder easily! he even indicated for more when he finished the food inside!

other children trying out the food feeder eagerly

look how easy it is to feed the babies using the food feeder! 

Another very innovative product under Kidsme is the Icy Moo Moo soother. This is not only a teether which you can place in the fridge to allow baby to soothe his sore gums. You can  actually fill its' cap with your baby's favorite drink (you can use breast milk!) or puree and freeze it as a Ice Lolly for baby! I have not tried it yet as Baby Kyne had been slightly unwell recently, but it's definitely something that can keep the teething baby occupied while mummy is doing household chores. 

The last product that I received for review is a Kidsme PPSU Diamond Wide Neck Milk Bottle, retailing at S$46.90 each! Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) is one of the safest bottle materials available today, it offers superb durability and does not absorb odor or colour and is naturally BPA Free. This bottle combines elegance, modern design, and premium material to create a most exquisite yet functional baby bottle. It takes inspiration from the Sancy Diamond, a magnificent pale yellow, shield-shaped 55 carat diamond. The flexible, removable handles provide ease and comfort to your baby while feeding. 

Image from Totsworld

But as Baby Kyne does not takes any milk bottles at all, I decided not to use the bottle and waste it on him (i have already wasted so many bottles and teats to try to bottle feed Kyne!). Sharing is loving! And so i would like to give this Diamond Bottle away to one lucky reader of my blog! To win, is very simple! Just follow the steps in the Rafflecopter App below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* Giveaway for Singapore Only
* Winner will be announced on this blog post and contacted via email.
* Winner has to reply within two days with mailing address, else the prize will be given to next winner.
* Item will be posted to winner with normal postage, at my own expense. :) Winner can top up for registered mail, if desired.

Roosevelt's menu that we tried: (from top left clockwise) Apple Forest Berries Crumble, Spaghetti, Fish & Chips, Roast Chicken Omelette, Buttermilk waffles with mixed berries!

Lastly, I just want to share a bit about Roosevelt's Diner & Bar, since the event was held there and it was my first time dining there! This is a nice little restaurant with good ambience! Roosevelt's Diner & Bar is beautifully decorated with an industrial chic. 

I am quite impressed that their kids menu dishes are all made from real and non processed food! Even the spaghetti sauce is made from scratch! I tasted my children's dishes and we all like them too. 

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar is conveniently located just outside the Outram MRT Station Exit at Dorsett Residence, so the next time you happen to be near there, no harm giving this kids friendly restaurant a try! 

During the kidsme event, we were presented with the following dishes from their kids menu: 
1) roast chicken omelette 
2) fish & chips 
3) spaghetti bolognese 

and from their dessert menu: 
1) buttermilk waffles with mixed berries 
2) apple forest berries crumble 
3) flourless chocolate cake

More Information

Where to Buy Kidsme Products in Singapore?
Totsworld is the exclusive distributor of kidsme. You can go to for more information. Products will be able to purchase at retail outlets in July 2014. 

About Roosevelt's Diner & Bar 
331 New Bridge Road 
#01-02 Dorsett Residences 
Singapore 088764 

Roosevelt's is an urban all day diner, that serves good old comfort food such as southern fried chicken, burgers, baby back ribs, sandwiches and some pasta. The restaurant is a kids friendly diner with baby high chairs, kids cutlery and a healthy kids menu available.

Disclaimer: I was invited by Totsworld to attend the Kidsme product launch at Roosevelt's Diner & Bar and was given a set of products for review purposes. No other form of compensation was involved. All opinions and images are my own unless otherwise stated. Copyright by Miracule 2014. 

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