Fun for Free : Singapore Navy Musuem

It's the beginning of June school holidays now! I would like to recommend this place to bring your children if you haven't planned where to go!

Two weeks ago, I had also brought my children to the Singapore Navy Museum

This Navy museum is more sophisticated and interactive as compared to the Singapore Air Force Museum. However, there is no public transport except for Taxi that you can access to this museum.  It's located far deep inside Tanah Merah, just outside the Changi Naval Base (Next to SAF Yacht Club). 

We drove there, you might be pleased to learn that there is carpark facilities there and is not chargeable. :) 

My boy love this Navy Museum too! He is going from exhibits to exhibits excitedly and wouldn't leave when i told him we have to leave as the Museum is closing (at 5pm). I personally enjoyed this museum more as it has more interactive exhibits as well as the sea is beyond what i can imagined, so i actually learnt many interesting facts while there!

entrance of the navy musuem

a nice wall mural just outside the museum entrance

At the back of the museum, you can actually see the ocean and this direction we can actually see the docks for the Navy ships as well as Batam!
Upon entry into the museum, we saw many display models of submarine and ships in a big water tank. 

kyle couldn't resist turning the wheel 

a display of the uniforms at different "era"

there is also mini "cinema" where you can sit inside to watch the videos about the Navy

The history of RSN displayed on a timeline illustrated by descriptions, pictures and videos.

Kyle is looking at a transparent ship model to see the interior of the ship
On display at level two, is the naval warfare & technology. We get to get on the seat of an old Bofor Gun previously installed onboard the RSS Singapura and also go behind the Oerlikon Gun from the navy's old mine sweeper to experience what it feels like to be a naval gunner back in the early days.

Kyle trying the Bofor Gun

the Oerlikon gun

On the same level, is also another two of our favorite exhibits! My favorite is this! This is a submarine model on display with a TV screen beside, where we can slide the screen along the submarine's length it see an interactive display of the interior of the submarine at that spot!

the screen showing what's going on inside the interior of the submarine where i stopped at! 

There is a stimulator where we can try our hands at to navigate a ship through the busy Singapore Strait. Both me and Kyle were fighting over the controls cos it is very fun to try to steer the ship to destination within the time frame given. Of cos, Kyle is too demanding, and i had to wait patiently for my turn.. ; / 

Kyle taking control of the stimulator to navigate a ship in the busy straits of Singapore!

There is also a outdoor exhibits where you are suppose to view from the viewing deck at level two. But the door was locked and we couldn't opened, so I brought Kyle downstairs to see the actual exhibits instead. 

And of course, Kyle won't be able to resists having a try. He is obsessed with guns!

If you are keen, please find more information about the Museum below.

Address: 112 Tanah Merah Coast Road, Outside Changi Naval Base (Next to SAF Yacht Club)
Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday),
                          9am to 3pm (Saturday),
                          Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays
Charges: Free admission for all
Getting there: By car or Taxi

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