Mother's Day Special: How Mommy Loves You

Mother's day is round the corner, and this year, something that a business did touched me.

I know that all child care centres, pre-schools and even enrichment centres will usually teach the children to handmade crafts to be presented to the parents as gifts. Both husband and I have received many of such precious gifts from Kyle, but I don't know if he really understands the love we have for him. In our family, we don't celebrate Mother's Day or Father's Day, so we don't tell our children why Mommy or Daddy is special and that they should appreciate us. So, when I watched the two videos which was sent to me by KidStartNow, I feel really touched and grateful!

As you know, Kyle had requested himself (yes!) to attend the weekly Chinese enrichment classes at KidStartNow, and he is in the 2nd term with them now. I was informed by the team at KidStartNow that they are dedicating two classes this term, to cover a Mother's Day Special! They had, especially created two ebooks to be taught during the Mother's Day classes!

I am very touched because what KidStartNow is doing, helped me showed to my son, and explained the love I have for him! So far, I had only seen some chinese cartoons about filial piety in the olden days, shown on TV on Sundays. They had created these ebooks not only for their own students, but is available to share worldwide to all children and dedicated to all Mothers!

The first book was shown to the children last week, and focuses on telling them, the things that a mother will do for her children. Highlighted in the animation are three common situations that a child & mother will experience, including when a child falls sick and him being playful. I didn't thought if Kyle will understand the video, but when i explained to him the little brother kept crying because he wasn't feeling well, Kyle had asked me if the brother is sick and that Mommy will help look after him to make him well again. :) :)

Another book focuses on main character, Jie Jie trying and failing to make a perfect gift for his mother, and for his mother to assure him that a mother's love is unconditional. I was told that this story was inspired when they read a post of mine on the special first gift I received from Kyle! I knew how disappointed and sad Kyle was when he failed to pass me the gift the first time and he actually remembered to find the gift for me again! I hope he will learn that my love for him is unconditional, and that I am really very happy by the effort alone he has put in!

To all parents, do share the videos with your children!

And to all mothers, here's wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day! Let's give ourselves a pat on our back for we have come so far and done so well. :)

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