Kyne's First Medal

Baby is one year old, and I get to keep his first medal for him!

I like the cute medal!

This is the first time we participated in a Children's Run Event, and it happened to be the the biggest Children's Run Event in Singapore - the Cold Storage Kids Run 2014! We find it really fun and refreshing! :) I guess we will start registering our children for various runs in future. :)

This year's Cold Storage Kids Run is held at The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay. Though there were obviously insufficient parking facilities for such race events and race was quite disorganised at this venue, the views and environment at Gardens by the Bay balance out any inadequacy!

A picture for our family's racers of the day. ;)

Previously, I have reviewed the Lucky Baby Avenue 2 Buggy, thus we were pretty confident of using the stroller in this race event. Hubby accompanied Baby Kyne in the Stroller Race while i accompanied Big Brother Kyle to cheer for them! ;p

Photo Credits: Sotong, Running Shots

The stroller race is only 800 metres, just nice for the little ones with no fuss! Not only that, we had come equipped with the Lucky Baby Accessories like a UV Sun shade to block out any glaring sun light, a Zig-Zag clip on activity wheel to keep baby entertained (and disillusioned that he was actually driving the stroller ;p) and most importantly, the clip on fan that keep baby cool!

In fact, check out the below photo i come across on the official photos taken during the race! As usual, Baby Kyne is almost dozing off halfway into the race! Haha, he must be getting a pretty smooth ride without any discomfort to be able to be lured into Lalaland. ;p I am always told by friends that Baby Kyne is always sleeping whenever we meet, and I think I have to attribute it to my trusty stroller. ;p

Photo Credits: Sotong, Running Shots

Before race starts, Baby Kyne was already comfortable in his stroller

We came fully equipped - fan, UV Shade & Activity wheel

This cute cartoon UV Shade offers additional sun shield and also privacy for baby when he is asleep
The Lucky Babies in their Lucky Baby Strollers, completing the race! 

Disclaimer: My family was invited by AT Marketing Consultancy to take part in Cold Storage Kids Run 2014, and compensated to race in the S-26 Stroller Fun Run with our Lucky Baby Stroller by Taime. All opinions and images are of my own, unless otherwise stated.

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