Capturing our kids at Play with Bob Lee & Canon Singapore

We went for yet another #myfamilywcanon bonding event on last Saturday and met up with many parents bloggers! The event was held at Fidgets World @ Grandstand. Parents were in the room hearing Bob while our children were either in a baking or Art & Crafts class.

Meet Bob Lee, whom shared with us the tips on taking photos for children
Bob Lee is an award winning Photographer. His numerous accolades and awards, garnered both locally and intentionally bears testimony to his immaculate craft. Albeit all his achievements, Bob has remained level-headed and continuously groom our young generation as a lecturer teaching Photography in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (2005 - 2007), Ngee Ann Polytechnic (2008 - present) and Egg Story Digital Arts School (2007 - present). You can find out more about him here.

During the session, Bob shared with us, in a very close to heart and yet full of humor way, his stories of him photographing his son in many moments of his son's growing up years. To me, Bob is not only a photographer or a father. His son, Lele, is autistic and both Bob & his wife gave up their jobs to spend more time with their only son. My son, Kyle, is autistic too and through Bob's humorous introduction of each photo of Lele in various moments, I can feel his love for his son and also, the many tears behind being the dad for Lele. I knew and understand exactly the tough journey they have been through and I really admire them! I also love the way Bob documented all the bits and pieces for his son! Bob even has pictures of the time when Lele fell and suffered a bad cut on his forehead and of it's stitches! It may be a trivial moment when it happened, but after many years, theses pictures are what you can look through and remember...

His tips for photography of Children are "ABCDEF" and it's sure very easy to understand and apply! In fact, i applied some of theses tips the next day and took some nice images on my mobile!

A flower that Kyle picked up and gave it to me. He said that the flower is very beautiful and it's for his mommy.

Baby Kyne with the Lady Bugs at Hort Park

Top Down View: Baby Kyne wants to scribble like his big Brother too. 

How? Do you think I have that tiny bit of flair? ;p I would like to share the tips I learnt during this informal photography session with you. :) 

A is for Angle
Unlike adults, children are smaller & shorter, thus their world is very different from how we see from where we are. If you try to change your point of view, you will be able to take some very different pictures for your children!  You can try to:
  • Move your body
  • Take Ants' view and low angle picture (though low angle is not recommended for taking fat adults. ;p) to see at the child's level
  • Frame Lines within picture for people to see main subject
  • Photojournalism: Adding story elements into the picture to tell where you are, what you go there for etc
  • Take a few different angles of same moment to see different points of view
  • Take Pictures Top down 

B is for Bokeh
I had no idea what Bokeh was about until I met Bob. You can read more about Bokeh here. Basically, it's to adjust your camera to focus on object and blur out the out of focus regions in the background. This creates a depth of field in the picture. 

C is for Continuous Mode
We all know that Children are very active and very fast. Taking continuous mode of pictures for a child, so that you will not miss any interesting shots. Usually among the string of photos, there may be one to three really nice image that you will LOVE! For me, taking a string of pictures allows me to put them together in a gif image file to see the "action". 

D is for Distance and Details
Taking pictures of various distances, alternate the focus on the foreground and background can give interesting results too! 

E is for Exposure
Natural lighting is best for children photography. It brings out the most natural picture of the child. Bob suggested that we should avoid using the flash and play around with the lights. You may be surprise that a backlight picture with darkened subject can be very beautiful too. 

F is for....
F to Z is to keep on shooting! Our children simply grow too fast! Keep on shooting them and you will improve as time past, theses pictures are also a record of their growing years and of you spending the time with them! :) 

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