Organic and Safe Toys for Baby

The other day, we received a Fedex Package for Baby Kyne, and it contains 3 very beautiful toys for him! Really a huge Thank You to the team at BabyToys!

From Top: BabyBuds Plush Monkey Buddy S$29.90, BabyBuds Elephant Ring Rattle Buddy S$19.90 and BabyBuds Owl Blankie Buddy S$27.90

BabyToys retail baby toys which are safe for babies, that are made from organic and biodegradable materials. Their vision is to see babies in the Asia Pacific region excited about growing up with their toys and they made it their mission is to provide toys that are safe for babies from 0+!

You must be wondering what is or why organic toys? I actually did some reading and would like to share this site with you for consideration when buying a toy for a new baby, be it your own or your friend's. :) 

No mother or father in the world would expose their children to any danger with their full knowledge. However, some parent do so inadvertently through toys. 

Toys for babies and toddlers come in two varieties: organic toys and inorganic toys. Many parents think most toys are safe simply because toy manufacturers say they are. But the truth of the matter is, non-organic toys are often made from materials that pose health risks to growing children.

Below is a summary of what I have learnt from the folks at BabyToys:

Did you know that organic toys are free from harmful chemicals? 

safe for 0+ month, made with organic and biodegradable materials

I like how even safe natural material is used in the packaging of the toys

Because it is free from harmful chemicals, you can rest assure that this toys are safe for keeps in their development years. We all know that teething process is a stage where everything goes into lil' bub's mouth. Hence with a chemical free toy, you can rest assure that your kid is safe especially during the teething development process. It is environmental friendly that you do not have to worry about pesticides or herbicides that are used to treat the cotton. Thus it makes it very safe and environmentally friendly for infants to toddlers and even adults not to mention.

Did you know that organic toys tend to be more durable, at the same time soft & cuddly?


Plastic toys have a tendency to wear out, but toys made with organic materials have a tendency to be a lot more durable. The organic material is soft, gentle and cuddly that makes it safe for babies. Organic materials are made of natural fibre that they are usually machine-washable just like every other material available in the market. So parents, there is no need to worry about throwing your kid’s favourite toy for a spin in the washing machine. Natural Fibre will also pick up the scent of the mother which is a huge comfort to the child.

Do you know that organic toys are non-allergenic? 

Your baby’s young skin is not yet exposed to environmental allergens so that he or she can tolerate them. On the other hand, some babies generally have hypersensitive skins. Some non-organic baby toys contain allergens and can cause nasty, even life threatening reactions when they get in contact with your baby’s skin. Baby’s skin is thinner and has larger pores and this makes it susceptible even to allergens not expected to react with skin. Organic toys for babies are made for the naturally occurring materials such as solid wood, cotton wool and other organic materials that are gentle and safe for a baby’s tender skin.

What makes organic toys different?

His toys placed within his sight

Organic toys are eco-friendly and safe for children of all ages. It is environmental friendly. Having an organic toy, give you a peace of mind that your child is playing with toys that are safe for their development years because it is so close to nature.

Visual appearance is not the most important thing we should look for as a parent. What is most important is the safety of the products our kids are exposed to. It is undeniable that we are exposed to various harmful chemicals and pollution. Exposing the child to a few organic toys would help contribute to a "greener" environment. Every year, toys are disposed as children outgrown them, and fill up our landfills.

You may say that the colours are not attractive. Yes, I agree with you but that is what organic is all about, being earthly and neutral. It is undeniable that organic toys are more costly compared to normal toys due to the limitation of organic product. However, demand for organic products is increasingly growing.

So, what is Kyne's reaction to the organic toys we received?

I must admit, i really feel safer leaving him to play with theses toys then those i bought last time, for Big Brother Kyle. For busy moms like me, I needed to give toys to my boy to distract him and keep him entertained while i do housework. No worries about him cutting himself, or bruising himself with the toys. I also find it almost impossible to stop him from putting anything into his mouth and recently, baby Kyne is so interested in Brother Kyle's legos, we found him putting them into his mouth a few occasions! We were so horrified that we now only let Brother Kyle play his legos in a closed door room, away from Baby.

One of the business owners, Cherlene, shared with me that although the toys' tag says surface wash only, but she and her customers have all tried washing their toys in the washing machine & it is still perfect after washing. To dry the toy, just leave it under a hot sun for a day! That is really convenient and I am one that love washing toys!

If parents are informed, we will definitely all want to give only the safest environment for our babies to grow up in. BabyToys' range of toys are really safe and yet very affordable, ranging from $10+ to less than S$30 each only! They are also working on bringing in more organic toys suitable from 0+ month, so be sure to follow them on facebook if you would like to be updated of any future toys releases. Though their warehouse in located in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia, however good news is that shipping (direct to your door and with tracking number) is capped at only S$10 nett. So the more you buy, the cheaper the shipping!

If you are looking at buying new toys for your baby, or buying a present for your friends/family newborn, do consider giving to the baby an organic toy! I would think to receive this as a present shows how much the giver loves my child! :)

For more information, please visit BabyToys at:


Disclaimer: We were gifted the above 3 organic toys for review purposes. No other compensation involved. All images and thoughts are my own, unless otherwise stated.

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