Penang Family Friendly Street Art Trail

Our family of four went Penang two weeks ago! Now, i think we were pretty crazy to bring an eleven months old baby and 4+ years old boy to Penang, a place that is very very hot with no luxury to run into an aircon mall or shop easily. ;p but overall it's a fun and happy trip! Food is very good in Penang!

I am lucky both my boys were well behaved on the hour+ flight!

Back in 2012, we went Penang with our only child whom was only 2+ then. We were staying in Hard Rock Penang, which is a very nice family getaway hotel located in Batu Ferringhi! However we didn't manage to venture out as it was not easy to take taxi from that hotel (plus expensive from that location) and the bus are very confusing! Their bus stops does not show which buses stopped at it! 

This time round, we opt to stay within Georgetown itself to be closer to all the actions. :) After reading up many reviews, we chose to stay in Sunway Hotel Georgetown Penang, which we booked at a decent budget of SGD96 per night. It's a recently renovated hotel with an excellent location, within walking distance to many much raved coffee shops and malls. Every night, the street below the hotel transformed to the New Lane Hawker Centre with about 20 yummy food stalls (do note that it closed on every Wednesday)! It's very convenient to take taxi from the hotel as the taxi stand is located just opposite and you can request the bell boy for assistance, if required. Taxi is affordable, you just need to ask the driver how much and agree before you board the taxi. Just to let you have an idea, the fare from hotel is as followed: 
* to anywhere within georgetown: 15 ringgit
* to Gurney Drive Hawker Centre: 20 ringgit
* to Kek Lok Si Temple: 30 ringgit

{   F a m i l y   F r i e n d l y   S t r e e t   A r t   T r a i l   }

Click here if you would like to download a larger copy of this chart
List of street art (image scanned from the map i picked up at the airport)

Penang is famous for these wall murals which transformed the old buildings and warehouses. Seriously, without these paintings, i doubt i will ever go to theses areas cos there is nothing much there. Basically everyone goes there just to take view and take pictures with the wall art by Ernest Zacharevic

Before i arrived there, i had absolutely no idea how to hunt for them or where to start. Luckily, at the Penang Airport, just before we exit the arrival gates, we can pick up some maps and tourists information. I managed to pick up a copy of! This has given me an insight on how i wanna plan my own family friendly street art trail! 

* Go early in the morning after breakfast, so it's not so hot
* Bring along water and handheld fan
* If you can, bring along an Evian Brumisateur or similar, it will help cool you down greatly!
* If you have children, DO NOT bring any stroller or buggy. Penang streets are not child friendly at all. 
* Be prepared to carry your older child, cos adults and children tend to get fussy in the HEAT! Penang is really very very very HOT!
* We took a taxi to the furthest wall mural and slowly strolled back. We ended the trail by trekking to Lorong Stewart where the famous 55 Cafe is located, for a cup of 3d Art beverage and ice cream dessert! 

If you have small children, please be prepared for this. ;p 

* Though this is a 2014 version map, but sadly, some of the street art cannot be see anymore due to wear and tear by the weather! Mind you, my trip was from 21 to 24 Mar 2014, and already famous murals are pretty faint! So book your tickets quickly if you like to see and take pictures of the street art yourself!
* Good news is i also saw some street arts not listed in official document! So while the older murals might disappear, you still get surprises to see a new art! Fun isn't it?!
* I didn't cover ALL the street art, it's impossible for me to walk in that kinda heat plus i have my children in towed. But this trail i am recommending, would bring you to see the bulk of it!

Click here to download a larger copy of my trail. 
image scanned from the map i picked up

Starting Point (see red triangle) :
What we did was to take a taxi to drop off at Gat Lebuh Chulia, which house two of the furthest street art among a cluster.

If you are not going with young children, you may consider alighting at Pengkalan Weld to visit the Clan Jetties, where each jetty is named after a chinese clan. If you don't have time for all 6 jetties, I understand that the Chew Jetty is the most tourist friendly jetty with the most stilt-houses, the longest walkway, a temple that is worth stopping by and plenty of places for those Kodak moments.

For us, we have an eleven month old baby and 4+ years old, so we simply started our street art hunt at Gat Lebuh Chulia "R".

I lol at the chinese wordings on the doors of this warehouse "睡不著沒关店"

this made me LOL even more "睡过头迟开店"

Q at Gat Lebuh Chulia:

Street Art along Gat Lebuh Armenian:

Street Art Along Lebuh Armenian:

Street Art along Lebuh Cannon:

Street Art along Lebuh Ah Quee (Need to turn into Lorong Soo Hong):

this is almost gone already. original work is a boy flying a dinosaur

Quite sad that the Bruce Lee wall mural is no longer there. I can't even see any sign on the walls that it ever existed! :( But as you can see from above pictures, there are quite a few other murals which i see, but is not listed in the official Penang Tourism Map! :) 

With this boy on bike street art, we finally ended the trail and just follow the arrows i drawn on the map to trek your way to the ending point (circle in blue) 55 Cafe located on Lorong Stewart for a cup of 3d art beverage and some ice cream! They served lunch too but we were all too tired and hot, thus we only have appetite for drinks and dessert. :)

Hope the above will be helpful to you, to help you plan your street art hunt in Penang too! :)

There will be other posts on Penang too, if you are keen, you can click to read them.

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