Teach Chinese: Introducing Chinese Words

Before, I have no idea how to teach my boy Chinese at all. I have got many books on Chinese, those 1000 words, or simply Chinese story books. But I couldn't get my boy to sit down with me to look past 3 words before he runs away. Sending my boy to KidStartNow, had helped me to ignite an interest in him to love Chinese. He is now not resisting Chinese  like he used to be, and is able to speak in mandarin and also to read little mandarin words!

Riding on the KidStartNow chinese enrichment classes, I have created my own mini Chinese cards! I printed them out, laminated and cut them, and carry them out with me whenever I go! They are mini so easy for me to choose 2 to 3 characters and carry them in my wallet for me to revise with him on the go. Do note that I have created them for reinforcing his learning in class. Theses words were introduced to him weekly, via mini stories created by KidStartNow. So if you are using it, either you do flashing or you have to find a way to show the child the meaning of each word. :)  

Sharing how i use the cards :

1) Flashing and reading to him

2) Flashing and asking him to read to me, as well as interpret the meaning of the words
Eg:  I bring the character 一, 二, 三 out, and when we are at the supermarket, i showed him 一 and asked him to help me get one apple, 二 for 2 boxes of biscuits etc.
Eg: I showed him 妈妈爸爸弟弟 and ask where are they or what they are doing.

3) Playing Games 
Eg: Pick few words out, read and the child points. Then point and the child reads

4) Forming few words or Sentence
Eg: Place a few words together to form meaning, example 六件衣服, and then show the child how to replace the words with others, like 件衣服,六衣服, 六条裤子。I also try asking if we can have 六件伤心 just to test him but to my surprise, Kyle replied me "NOOOO!!" :)

5) Matching
This is if you can have pictures or photos related to the word.
Eg: Photos of the grandparents and Kyle to put the word 爷爷奶奶公公婆婆 to the photo to identify them. I showed him the word 衣服 and asked him to show me where is 衣服 in the house.

Above is just some of the ways i am using the cards with you, i believe you might come up with other ways too. :) As a parent, please do make an attempt to speak with the child in mandarin as much as possible while using the cards! I find it works! After all, your child will look up to you the most and imitates you. :) I find Kyle initiating conversations with me in Mandarin now, or we even mix some mandarin in our english conversation, which i personally feel is ok.

I have also created printable conversation bubbles to help me reinforce to my boy, the appropriate replies to people's greetings. These bubbles are also good for me to help him, especially when he initially keep mixed up "没关系" with "不客气". I included the Han Yu Pin Yin (HYPY) for theses as i want to slowly introduce him to HYPY. And I am usually animated when we are having these conversations. Which I am very happy to say that, Kyle has become even more polite boy! You know how "谢谢你!" sounds a lot more appreciative than a "Thank You"?

Now, sometimes he will even reprimand me, saying that i did not reply "不客气" to his "谢谢你!妈妈!" ;p

Sharing my printables with busy mommies, you can click to download to print. :) Do note though, it's easy for me to use them cos my boy was introduced to them in his classes. If you have a problem with teaching your child Chinese, you might consider sending your child to a Chinese enrichment centre.

If you keen to be updated of future printables, please do follow my blog either by liking my Facebook Page or subscribe to an email update. :) You are free to share my printables with your friends or on your social media, but please kindly credit it back to my blog, so that they can be updated of future updates. :) Thank you and all the best in your Chinese journey with your child!

Printable Chinese Words Mini Cards
Printable Chinese Conversation 1
Printable Chinese Conversation 2

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