Thank you 2013

Dear 2013,

It's the last day of 2013 today, before you slipped away and never return, I would like to remember and thank you for :

1) Giving me one exact full year that I do not need to work and is able to be with my children 24 by 7. I had thought that without money I will be so insecure, but now I know, without my family and children, I am nothing. 

2) Letting me see how my Hubby has been extremely supporting and loving. I really love it when he is not traveling for work, he comes home for the dinner I cook despite it being not tasty. He also helps out on weekdays after work, either by bathing the children or washing the dishes. Most importantly, he endured my nonsense and stood by me. 

3) Bringing me back to stay at my parents place for 6 months. I see how much my parents aged and yet their love for me has never change despite me already been a mom of two. Their love for me is forever. But they are really getting older and older. I am ashamed I am not providing much for them now. 

4) Letting me know my younger sister really really loves me a lot. Though we always squabble over trival matters and always can't see eye to eye, I really really love her too. I thank her for loving my everything and I will try to do the same to her too. We are loving each other in our own ways. Love need not be the way u wanted it to be. 

5) Allowing me to become a mom of two. I have learnt a lot from my sons, Kyle and Kyne. The arrival of Kyne and how to cope with Kyle. Struggling to split my time. Juggling between them and other tasks. Being a mom, I am learning many things everyday and discovered strengths and traits of myself I never knew existed. Through my children, I am discovering a world I had long forgotten. 

6) Letting me know who my friends are. As I am not working, I am really relax and do not need to speak to everyone that I had to. I am grateful to know who my friends are and I get to spend quality time with just a few good friends.

7) Finally, after so many years, this year you bring us to our own home! I am finally living in a house we called our own home. Nothing beats the feeling of having our own space. Cleaning the house is tedious but it's a happy thing to do!

8) Providing me a crystal clear mind for reflections. I am able to see myself very clearly this year. Though I can't control myself and I still made mistakes along the year. But I can see it every time I committed something that keeps me from becoming the person I want to be.i don't know who I want to be, but I know what I don't want to do. I know that I needed enough rest if not I will become very lousy tempered. I am still a self centre spoilt brat. And many times I still take without giving. All the time I have, I am able to reflect on myself and hopefully I can become a better person!

Thank you 2013 cos unlike some years which I totally have little recollection of, this year you had been great! Good bye and you will be in my memories. I will make each year a memorable one. :)

Good night!


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