My accomplishments in 2013

In 2013, I have really went through a lot and also accomplished many things! Some of them which are worth mentioning that I really want to give myself a pat on my back are as followed:

1) This is a year which my hair cutting skills improved tremendously! In fact I am very pleased with the both time I cut Kyle's hair myself!

from this
to this
which grew to this again
And i cut to this! Woohoo, quite proud of my skills leh!

2) I forced coerced convinced Hubby to join me for a Maternity Photoshoot cos i won't know if i will wanna be pregnant the 3rd time again! I really regretted that during my first pregnancy when i was younger and more energetic I didn't persisted taking Maternity Photos! 

3) And of cos, the day I gave birth to my second prince, Baby Kyne, his day of arrival is really dramatic! But I made it and am very glad to hold him in my arms!

4) I also booked and paid for a newborn photography package from my own saving and brought Baby Kyne for a newborn photoshoot which my elder boy didn't have. I feel they grow up too fast, the newborn period is one i really want to remember forever!

5) I also had a VERY HAPPY confinement this time round as compared to my last confinement which was a lasting nightmare for me. I made a very good decision to order confinement food and it's really convenient and time saving! But of cos, that doesn't stopped my mom from cooking creatively with lotsa love, tweaking my favourite food to make them become a confinement meal for me! 

my mom homemade healthy and nutritional confinement mee hoon kuay

6) I was able to squeeze the family of four into a very tiny bedroom at my parents' home and we stayed there for 6 months this year!

7) I am able to witness first hand, how natural, precious, amazing and true the love and bonding between siblings can be from the moment it began. The life as mom of two began!

8) Immediately when confinement is over, I started practising on bringing them out as a mom of two with assistance and by myself! Now i am a PRO at bringing my own children out any where!! :D 

We went to the Barney Show

The very first time i bring them out myself is to the Yakult Factory!

We also went Gardens By the Bay

9) There was a scary episode when 3+ months Baby Kyne turned black suddenly and ended up hospitalised! I still self blame and asked myself what could have gone wrong, but I think I reacted at the quickest possible already. With Kyle, I thought I am a strong mama, with the addition of Kyne, i realised.... I am a really strong mama! Never ever under estimate a mom and what she will do for her children! And yes, I understand my own character even more. Yes i blame myself, I will blame anyone whom is caregiving my children and the same happened. And thus for that, I am very very very glad I was a Stay Home Mom and I was around when it happened!

10) We collected the Keys to our house and carried out renovations works to our cosy house. And of course we moved into our very own home we called our own in late Sept!

11) I also now have a very small plot of land and become a Planting Mama too! It's a bonding activity for me and Kyle! We grow many different types of vegetables

12) I also started cooking lunch and dinner on my own since October! Hmm, I am still lousy now definitely, but i think i did improved along the way! With the interests, I hope I am really a cooking mama one day!

13) I think the biggest accomplishment of me being a mom so far, the most precious and touching moment is when I received my very special first gift from my first son, Kyle! He just turned four this year and gave me my very first gift from his own intention! 

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