A Mummy's Love Nursing Cover

I had two old nursing covers from breastfeeding Kyle (they are 4 years old already!), one is of a thicker and longer material, a solid dusty pink color that i can even use outdoor in Hong Kong during their coldest month; another is of a smaller and more breathable cotton fabric, in pink-purplish tone stripes, which needless to say, was my favorite. When i bought them four years ago, they didn't come cheap too. 

I had been contemplating whether to buy another, reasons being, the trusty poncho which i love to use has gone quite really out of shape and shrink in size (which almost made me zao geng a few times) and the other is too thick, not for use in Singapore, unless it's in a full blast air-conditioned room. OK lah! i am also vain! To me, my nursing cover is also my fashion statement, so the more the merrier! I love to match my clothes.

For me, a nursing cover should have the following features: 
  1. Easy to put on quickly - No need for fastening or tying anything.
  2. Light weight and extremely breathable - A must for a happy baby and mommy
  3. Cover all including my back and sides - Only then i can nurse in peace and keep all prying eyes away
  4. Continue to cover even with the struggling baby - That's what a nursing cover is for isn't it?!
  5. Nice design
  6. Multi-Uses : A shawl to keep cold for mommy and baby, a blanket, a pram cover etc
I was overjoyed when Sharon from Mummy's Love Nursing Cover approached me to review their nursing cover! Sharon is also a breastfeeding mom herself and in her search for the perfect nursing cover, she decided to manufacture her own! Products designed by moms are truly for moms. I love her nursing ponchos! The material are really lightweight and very breathable AND the shape maintains even after i threw it into the washing machine and dryer! There is also zero crease, so no need to iron it at all! I really love the Black & White design i chose. I am a all black woman, i love black. 

this is the design i chose!
Her nursing cover is my most perfect one at the moment as it combines the best of the other two ponchos that i have. Lightweight, breatheable, generous cutting and length. On top of that, the material does not run color, does not shrink or lose it's shape! 

What also excites me is that she has many designs available - solids and prints at very affordable prices! Solid Colors are $28 each, buy Two for $50, while prints are $30 each, buy Two for $55. 

Some of the other nursing cover designs that i like are: 

Solid Ash Grey

Grey Fans

Peach Zig Zag

Sharing some pictures of me using Mummy's Love Nursing Cover

I love the roomy cover and design!

it's also a blanket for baby Kyne

The length of this cover is really nice

Last but not least, if you have boys like mine. I always end up with -_-"" as my boys love to move a lot while feeding. And i usually breastfeed them while i am taking my lunch or dinner too and i had to stop eating all because of the fidgeting boy and fear of being exposed. Now, i need not fear anymore, this nursing cover has very good length coverage~ He can move all he wants and i can continue eating in peace. :) 

Note, the nursing cover is actually long and can cover the baby fully, i deliberately lifted it up to his body to air his legs. 

See! he moved so violently but no exposure!

Now, Sharon from Mummy's Love Nursing Cover, is also very generous! She has extended a special discount of 15% off, only to my readers! When you purchase the nursing cover from her, simply quote "MIRACULE" or let her know you are a reader from my blog. Do note that the discount is only valid until 11 Nov 2013, so make your purchase quickly for a design you heart! 

Also, ONE lucky reader will get to win a Mummy's Love Nursing Cover

The winner can select any design so long as there are stocks available.

Simply leave a comment on this blog post to tell me which nursing cover design you like best! Do remember to click "I Commented" in the Rafflecopter App to qualify! The rest of the options in the app are optional but they help to give you a lot more additional chances to win!

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Features of Mummy's Love Nursing Cover

♥ One size fits all
♥ 3-in-1, serves as nursing cover, stroller cover and blanket
♥ Provides full coverage, there is no need for nursing wear and you do not have worry about exposing your body especially the sides
♥ Poncho design slips over the mummy’s head without straps, clips or fasteners and you can slip if off easily with one hand
♥ Roomy neckline for easy visibility of baby
♥ Made of thin, lightweight & breathable Cotton Jersey materials that is similar to T-shirt material, good for Singapore's hot weather
♥ Machine washable and do not require ironing
♥ Also allows mums to pump discreetly

More about Mummy's Love Nursing Cover

Their 3-in-1 nursing cover allows you to nurse on the go! It serves as nursing cover, stroller cover and blanket. It allows you to nurse comfortably and discreetly in public places and you can continue to lead your active lifestyle. You no longer have to worry about looking for a nursing room when your baby is crying out in hunger. This nursing cover can bring you to restaurants, shopping malls, gatherings, wedding dinners and holidays. You will get to enjoy your dinner outing and do not have to miss any conversation because you can nurse your baby discreetly. You do not have to miss your favourite show as you can nurse in the living room too. Our fabric is thin yet dark enough that you'll be able to nurse discretely. It is made of breathable material that allows your baby to breathe and the soft material is gentle on baby’s skin. The wide neckline that allows viewing but yet the cover it is able to block out stimulation so your baby can focus on breastfeeding. With these nursing covers, you can nurse your baby where you want, when you want!

About Sharon Toh, the owner of Mummy's Love Nursing Cover

Sharon is mummy to Ryan, 4 years old and Reagan, 1 year old. She total breastfed Ryan for 14 months and partially breastfed him till 28 months old and could not find the perfect nursing cover so she decides to manufacture her own! Currently Reagan is still on TBF at 13.5 months and still counting. Mummy's Love Nursing Cover allows her to nurse her boy anytime and anywhere she wants without the need for nursing room and nursing wear. The thin material is specially chosen for Singapore's hot weather as her boys perspire easily! Generous cutting to cover her fidgety boy without exposing herself. It can also be used a stroller cover and blanket and it has become the security object for her older boy too after she stopped nursing him.

For more information, you may visit

Disclaimer: I received a poncho of my choice for review purposes. All opinions are of my own unless otherwise stated. 

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