New Home Renovation - Light Up A Home Part 2

Previously, i shared about lighting up our home

In setting up our dream home with little budget, I have actually browse through magazines for ideas and gave a deep thought about it. It's still possible to create a very inviting and cosy home with little budget! My cosy home, a place where love ones would love to return to, has just 4 simple guidelines as below:

- Simple
- Bright 
- With Ambience
- Neat with no mess in sight
- Many cozy corners and personal spaces

If you like my renovation and would like to find out more about my ID, please feel free to drop me a note! :) 
Today, i will be sharing about the 2nd part on lighting up our home. 

My master bedroom itself has many light switches. A total of 7 light switches! 

where my switches are, in a compartment at my wardrobe meant for charging my mobile phone

Entrance Downlight

Cove Light

Special LED "spot" light at wardrobe

Isn't the effect of this light very nice? i heart my wardrobe to bits!

The special effect ceiling light which costs me only SGD65!

Cove lightings at our TV Plastered Wall

We have a normal light in the toilet.. this costs only SGD3.90 from IKEA!

And we modify the box up area given by HDB. Installed light tubes within and i changed the ugly open crossed covers to these translucent acrylic!

this is the original covers given by hdb

See how nice a lighting can transform a space!

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