The 5 Things Little People Know About Me

Just thought to share five things that little people know about me: 

1. I Love to write

I enjoy writing a lot. Last time, I used to kept a beauty reviews blog and i dreamt of being a beauty editor. I was asked to go on news for an interview but scaredy cat me back out of it. Since the birth of my elder son, Kyle, I also started a tiny dream of wanting to write a book only for my children to read. I wanted to share with him lessons i learnt in my life as well as important people in my life that he will never have a chance to meet anymore. I will get it started one day soon. 

2. I Love the Stage since Young

When i was in primary school, the Act Three group came to our school and performed plays. I was captivated. They had called for children whom are interested to join them which i was so keen! Now i think back, why didn't i tell my parents about my desire and go ahead? Every plays and musical i went to, it fires up the desire of mine to want to be a part of it. I simply have the desires but do not have the guts lah..  I look too much like a nerdy bookworm. Even when I was in Secondary school, I also didn't know why I just didn't have to guts to go ahead to join the ECA cos none of my good friends are going that way. But anyway, that explains why i am such a dramatic character and i can see the same trait in Kyle which i will help him to develop it if hubby allows.

3. I am Sharp with Details and Good at Directions

Don't be deceived by my blur looks. I am actually quite a thinker and observer. I am sharp at details and have a good sense of directions. I had almost never got lost before except for once in Kuala Lumpur. I drive without using the GPS. I am good at reading the maps and recognising the roads. In fact, when i was in Primary One, I actually went to my classmate's birthday party at a McDonald's by myself. I even brought a few friends along with me. Don't ask me what my mom was doing then and why my classmates would follow me. Now i think back, Woah! I wouldn't allow my sons to do that! That's too dangerous!

4. I Need to Visualise

Yeah, almost everything that i do, i need to be able to visualise before i can do it. Be it my work, reading, cooking or anything. As i am reading instructions booklets, i am already visualising how it works. Even story books i read, the "movie" is playing in my mind. When i self learn crocheting two years ago, i borrowed alot of books from the library and watched many video demonstrations. When i drive, i visualise the roads i will take. To get ready for work, i visualise what are the things that i will need and get them ready. Before going out with my babies, i visualise what are required and pack them too.. I find that visualising helps me bcos i seldom go wrong... is it a bit weird of me? ;p

5. I Used to Be Plagued by Violent Nightmares and Had Depression

There were some unnatural violent events that happened all within a year when i was nineteen - an auntie passed away from Chickenpox complications and one month later, my brother in law drowned in the public swimming pool. My elder sister committed suicide eight months after her husband drowned... Ever since my sister passed away, I started having seriously vivid violent nightmares that left myself so shaken and afraid that i start developing insomnia. I was so afraid to sleep because i was so scared of my dreams. When i told people of my dreams, i was told that i can make a really good horror psychotic movie director. With that, after many years of suffering, i had depression. My son, Kyle, is the best medication that totally pulled me out from depression and free me from any medication. In him, i found another way to handle life. Now, i will have nightmares whenever I am stressed. Nightmares is like a signal to indicate that i need to relax.

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