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I was very excited when the Fish Book Co would like to give my 3 plus years old Kyle, a book titled "Today  am", which is suitable for children from 2 to 7 years old. When we received the parcel, Kyle was tearing up the parcel excitedly and his eyes lit up when he saw the book! Before I can do anything, he is already browsing through and told me repeatedly that the drawings are very beautiful. 

Frankly, I am amazed at how captivated he is with the book. So far, there are not many books that can keep Kyle sitting through all the pages, but this is one of them that he will finish reading together with me and yes, he asked me "Mommy can we do it again one more time?"

After reading the book with Kyle once, it easy to know why he is captivated. Even i am nodding in approval that this is not just a beautiful book with stunning drawings. I had been finding books to teach Kyle words etc, but i had failed miserably. But this book is different! 

From Curious to Furious, from Sad to Shy, ”Today I Am” shows all the emotions a young child encounters. Each double page spread is devoted to one fish showing a particular emotion, along with its name in lettering that expresses the same feeling. “Today I Am” includes 20 words to help your child identify and understand common emotions and feelings.

Other than teaching Kyle about the emotions, I find that this book is a very good tool for teaching alphabet recognition, words recognition, learning to spell and letter tracing too! 

As we went through the emotions page by page, I began by asking Kyle what does he thinks this fish is feeling? We acted out the emotion together exaggeratingly in utmost fun! 

Kyle acting furious

Kyle acted angry. He feels angry is angrier than furious, cos mommy is always angry! :D
I also took the cue when he showed interest in particular emotions and encouraged him to tell me why does he thinks the fish is feeling that way and what makes the fish feels that way, when does he has similar feelings etc. I find it's a very good tool to encourage the little one to start a conversation and expressing himself. I also found out more about him such as for example, he thinks the fish is afraid because it is dark and Kyle is afraid of darkness too. He said he is nervous when he goes to school too. And... Kyle is angry whenever Mommy is angry!!! (i didn't know that!) :O 

I also pointed at the word on the next page and read it out loud to him. I asked him to read out the letters one by one to me which to my delight, i realised that he finally can recognise all the 26 alphabet! Hurray to me!! I ask him to read out the letters for me for all subsequent words to reinforce his letter recognition and at same time let him have the feel that when we put different letters together, we can form many different words. 

I also asked if he would like to finger trace the word he likes best. I had always been having trouble to teach him to write the alphabet by tracing the dotted lines in books. But to my delight, he said yes!! Look how concentrated he is! *Grins the Mommy!*

Another Delight to note is that, the book comes with an e-book app too! The ”Today I Am” e-book is a fun and interactive iPad app that allows children to read on the go, record daily emotions, and discover new words. Children can play ”Today I Am” e-book by themselves but you can also use this app as an interactive audiovisual tool to nurture discussions on feelings. With My Feelings, your child can keep a daily record of his or her emotions. With My Words, your child can learn over 60 feeling words and expand their emotional vocabulary. ”Today I Am” e-book is a learning tool that encourages exploration, engages your child and fosters healthy discussions on feelings.

Sample emotions in the book: 



Now, all goods things must be shared, thanks to Fish Book Co, FIVE lucky readers on my blog will be able to win a copy of "Today I am" for your child too! This worldwide Giveaway draw ends on 10 August 2013 at 2359pm sharp! To participate, simply follow the below:

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The FIVE lucky winners will be announced on my blog on 12 August 2013 and notified by email. Good Luck! 

More about the book

The book has clear, strong lines, and radiant colours that seem to smile at the reader characterise Mies van Hout’s drawings. In “Today I Am” Mies shows all the emotions a young child encounters. Each double page spread is devoted to one fish showing a particular emotion, along with its name in lettering that expresses the same feeling. Dive into “Today I Am” and meet the most dazzling fish that spark laughter and empathy.

“Today I Am” is the Southeast Asian English version of the award-winning Dutch children’s book “Vrolijk” by Mies van Hout. First published in June 2011 in the Netherlands, “Vrolijk” has since garnered numerous accolades, including being nominated for the prestigious Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (German Children’s Literature Award) 2013.  “Vrolijk” has since been translated into many languages including German, Italian, French and Basque. 

About Fish Book Co. 

Fish Book Co. recognizes the importance of emotional awareness in the development of happy and healthy children, and believes that all emotions should be equally embraced. They aim to provide parents, teachers, children, and adults with an ark of educational tools to keep them afloat through all emotions. Having secured the book’s rights to Southeast Asia, they plan to translate ”Today I Am” into Chinese, Bahasa, Thai, Viet, and other languages for distribution throughout Southeast Asia. 

Disclaimer: I received a book for review. All opinions are of my own. 

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