Parents World Exhibition 2013

The Parents World Exhibition is happening now and ending tomorrow! I thought it will be good to share some of the exciting happenings and interesting exhibitors and deals that caught my eyes there! :)

First & foremost, the Big B Event happened today, where the most number of mommies turned up and breastfeed together. To me, breastfeeding had been the most enjoyable thing that comes with having a newborn and it's really really fun and feels very great to breastfeed together with so many mommies and friends today! I hope public can also change their mindset about breastfeeding in public areas. It's not a dirty thing. It's a most beautiful gift to a baby. 

Mommy Connie, Me and Mommy Lee 

Mommy Bloggers: Irene Soh, Estella Goh, Angelina Ng and Me

Group Photo of breastfeeding mommies that gave birth in TMC

Now, there is still one more day left to the exhibition, do head there tomorrow if you are keen! Sharing some of the interestings that caught my eyes (and heart) at the fair!

Mooch - Udderly Delicious Chilled Chocolate Milk with less than 1% FAT!!

Pen Pal Whizz - A Brillant Reading System

I am so keen to let Kyle have it! They have 200 over books available and best is, you can even record on your own on any books and the pen can read to your child! I think it's like a great tool for a SAHM with more than one children! Need to convince my BIG BOSS (Hubby)!

The Imagination Factory is my favorite stop!!

Their unique selection of toys and games largely sourced from Europe allows open ended play, promote interaction and initiate pretend play! 

For example, the below hand puppet is reversible! Now you see it's a tortoise, when you reverse it, it is a hare! So brilliant and fun if you use it for story telling to your child! Best is, it's only retailing at $29.90 at the fair!

The Touch and Feel Puzzle is great for little hands. Each piece of the puzzle is chunky which allows for easy handling and lifting. Also, as the pieces are so chunky, they can stand and be played with away from the puzzle board, which adds extra play value. Underneath each piece of the puzzle are different textures that help your child recognise what puzzle piece goes where. This is great for teaching them shape recognition as well as improving their sensory skills. Only at $15.90! 

Plagentra - Korean Skincare for Moms and Babies

When i think of Korea, i think of all beautiful skinned hunks and babes. Why didn't it occur to me to look for korean brands creams to use during my pregnancy huh? Never too late though! The staff told me the cream can help to lighten my stretch marks!

Plagentra® Mother's Skin Care Cream 
Being rich and creamy, Plagentra® Mother's Skin Care Cream prevents and treats stretch marks (on the stomach, shest, thighs, hips and calves ) during pregnancy, weight gain/loss or growth spurts and keeps the skin supple and healthy. It takes care of troubled, darkened, dry and sensitive skin of pregnant women. With its nobel-prize winning Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), Coenzyme Q10 & Collagen, it protects, nourishes and moisturizes dry and sensitive skins while improving the appearance of stretch marks and improving skin's firmness. It helps in preventing drooping skin in post-delivery and enhancing the elasticity of skin. Being paraben free, this cream is also quickly absorbed into the skin without any greasy or sticky feeling. 

Plagentra ® Super Premium Wipes 
These unique fabric premium wipes are enriched wth extracts of natural organic ingredients and they leave a protective moisturizing barrier on baby's delicate skin. Being Paraben-free, these wipes are also filtered through purified water using Plagentra's own 8-steps pure water filtration system.The thicker and softer unique wipes also cleans more thoroughly, leaving behind none of the residues that can cause irritations and rashes.

OceanKids - Supplements for Children from USA!

I always give my children supplement as I feel that during their growing period, it's very important to have a complete diet and also all the necessary vitamins and essentials to support their growth. I especially love their Complete Boost, Immune Boast and Brain Boost!

Organic Basic - 100% Botanical Skin Care

Organic Basic is a Singapore Brand! Their organic products are 100% Plant ingredients, 100% Natural ingredients and 100% free from Synthetics! Now, this caught my eyes cos though many products are claimed to be Organic, however if you read their ingredients list, you will notice that they contained mineral and artificial substances. With Dengue going on, especially for high risk areas, this 100% organic mosquito repellent is a must have for my baby Kyne and the Little Big Brother Kyle!

Mom & Me - One Stop Baby Station

Their products seems to be cheaper than others and I found this really interesting Infant Feeding Hollow Pillow! I didn't know that there is such a thing and i had always been trying to use a small cushion to cushion the baby's head when i breastfeed him, especially when i want to apply creams to slim my increasingly unbelievable big arms can? The cushion always ended up dropping so i gave up trying to slim my arms. Imagine my happiness to see this today! There is a arm band for me to slip my arm through and phweets!! I LOVE IT! It can also prevent my arm sweat to get onto my baby's neck!

Tiny Tree - Premium Baby Products

They carry many premium baby products such as Moony Diapers from Japan and BabyOrganix!

Hee, I am going to try this award winning BabyOrganix Top to Toe Cleanser! It's voted top in Readers Choice in Parents World Magazine last year! 

small small world - Play Mats

I believe every new parents own a LG or Parklon playmat ya? it's so easy to clean and maintain, my 3 years plus parklon playmat at home still look new! They introduced a new type of play mat called Space Folder and it's tempting! I am still contemplating whether to get one more as i have a super active playful boy plus a new baby at home.. nevertheless, while thinking, i also picked up a Parklon Playmat Cleanser! It's very important cos i have two now, one that still not understand importance of hygiene and another that put everything into his mouth! I must clean and clean to prevent spreading of any virus!

RedMart - Home Essentials at a Click

Nice idea! Especially with busy parents in mind, this is a company that can help saves me the troubles from bringing Kyle and Kyne to the supermarket! Especially lugging DIAPERS.. They are having a nice promo at their booth now where if you purchase $50 worth of Huggies products at the booth, you get a Huggies Denim Bag FREE! I also had a 10% off coupon! 

Note: This is a media invite blog post by RedTree Group. Some products mentioned in this blog post were provided to me free of charge or at discount not available to public. However all opinions are of my own. 

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