My Calendar is Full with Hospital Appointments

I have been kept super busy since Kyne was born. He is only 4 months old and it's scary, I had made a total of 13 hospital visits in this 4 months, for both my children since the day Kyne arrived.

Suddenly my calendar is no longer marked with endless clients meetings, but in place are endless hospital appointments! I still FEEL my sons are healthy, but one thing leads to another and a doctor refer to more doctors which refer to even more doctors! I wondered what's wrong but both my children have so many different specialists appointments! I am not trying to find something wrong with them, in fact I hope that every fears turn out to be false alarm! It seems like Doctors and myself want to be more vigilant with my children's health and it's better to get little things checked than better to be late & sorry right?

My elder boy, Kyle, has ongoing quarterly appointments with NUH to follow up on his respiratory issues. In June, we found him with discharges coming out from one ear and were shocked by the infection when we shined a torch into the ear. We drove him to KKH A&E and also seen a ENT Specialist again to check his ears. Also, his teachers feedback and asked me to bring him to see specialists to get Kyle check for "learning disabilities". We seen the Children Development Unit of NUH and preliminary check is that Kyle is not autistic, neither does he seems to have a problem with learning. The only issue is that Kyle speech seems to be slower and thus there are many upcoming appointments to have his speech assessed, hearing tested, eye tested due to excessive blinking etc. We will also make an appointment for someone from the hospital to go to his school to sit in and observe Kyle.

Baby Kyne when he was at 21 days old, had a sudden spiked in his jaundice level beyond acceptable range, and was referred to KKH A&E, where subsequently the doctor was more concerned about his thyroid blood test results. We had returned to KKH a few times to check and only recently got discharge when the thyroid blood test returned as normal range.  I also saw that Baby Kyne has this small lump in his left eyelid since 1 month old thus i also made an appointment with Eye Specialist in KKH to check his eyes. It turn out that he has an over active oil gland. We are supposed to go back again soon to see if the oil gland lump will go away on its own, else we will have to cut it away as have a lump right above your eye can caused astigmatism. Just two weeks ago, the day when baby Kyne turned blue and was admitted,  i got a shocked when not one but all the doctors that came to see Kyne, told me that they heard murmurs localised at a spot in his heart. I was referred to the Heart Specialist to get him check after his discharge.

And so i did. On 19 Aug 2013, i brought the baby to the Cardiac Centre at KKH. To be honest, I didn't worry before the appointment. I kind of thought that it will surely be a false alarm. Why? Cos never did any doctors told me they heard anything, except only during the hospitalisation! I thought that if there is really a hole in the heart, it would have been discovered earlier, isn't it? Yet, I was stunned when the Head of the Cardiac Centre listened to my baby's chest himself and confirmed that Kyne has a hole in his heart. He sent us for ultrasound scans to determine how big the hole is. It turned out that Kyne has a 3mm hole in the lower chamber and the blood are leaking from the left to right chamber through the hole. The technical terms etc were confusing me. I only kept asking the doctor what does it mean? Is there any implications? What will happen? If the turning blue related to this hole in heart??

The doctor said he is not worry about it at all and there should be nothing for me to worry about. He said Kyne is as normal, so i asked him if hole in the heart is normal? Nope, he replied. Hole in the heart is not normal. But Kyne can still function normally, he will continue to grow and develop normally and still need to serve his army. For some patients, the hole will closed on its own. For some patients, the hole never close but they still continue to live as per normal. We will just go back to him again in 1 year time to scan his heart again.

Ok, if the doctor is not worried, why should i be right? But it's difficult for me to say i am not affected at all. I have heard people with hole in heart before, but now it's my very own flesh & blood! His heart used to be beating inside me! I will wonder how it will affect him as he grows, does he feels any difference with a normal heart? Will he be able to do strenuous activities? Will his heart ever feels strainful? I even googled for How your Heart Works. This, i can't help it. I am a mum. I fret about my little children.  I do feel the need to protect him more, but begin to wonder if i will ever over protect him?

I still have 9 other known hospital appointments upcoming as followed!!

4 - Baby Kyne's Kidney and Urine Tract
11 - Baby Kyne's Vaccination
26 - Baby Kyne's Eye

2 - Kyle's Language Assessment
3 - Kyle's Asthma
30 - Kyle's Eye Check 

15 - Kyle's  CDU follow-up visit
xx - Pending date for Kyle's spectrum hearing test

11 - Baby Kyne's Heart Scan again

I really just feel like touching wood suddenly. Criticize me as superstitious or whatever. A mother only wants her children to be healthy and happy.

I wonder, if I am still working now, with two children, am I better off or worse?  Seriously, I am amazed. I used to be able to accomplish many goals a day, in relation to just one thing that is the sales target. Now i can accomplish even more goals, stuffs, errands in relation to many things! More than i ever did that is! Working simply focused on results. A SAHM is running all the never ending errands, hospital appointments, home schooling, running a house and also tending to her children.

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