Home Renovation Part 1: Light Up a Home

We had waited 4 long years for this - the keys to my very own home! We had BTO to no avail SO many times till when my 1st born Kyle was born in October 2009, I was so fed up and wrote a letter to HDB to appeal and finally got a queue number to book our flat!

We had been staying with my in laws since November 2008. Only very recently, then we moved to my own parents' house in late March this year!  It's a good move as I also gave birth to my 2nd prince on 10 Apr, it was really a lot easier to cope here with two children as my hubby travels very often for work and, it's even more easy for me to coordinate the renovation!  My new home is only 7 minutes drive away from my parents'!

We collected the keys only 10 days before the lunar 7th month and kickstart the renovation immediately.  My elder son is turning 4 in another 2 months and he told me that his birthday wish is to hold the celebration in our very very own home. Hopefully i can make my son's wish come true!

So, amidst all the projects I have, one of a very very exciting project I am handling now is.. our new home renovation! We don't have a big budget cos our priority is our children and I am no longer working. We didn't opt for hdb floorings and floor tiles so our renovation have to include these too.

In setting up our dream home with little budget, I have actually browse through magazines for ideas and gave a deep thought about it. It's still possible to create a very inviting and cosy home with little budget! My cosy home, a place where love ones would love to return to, has just 4 simple guidelines as below:

- Simple
- Bright 
- With Ambience
- Neat with no mess in sight
- Many cozy corners and personal spaces

Today, i will be sharing about lighting up a home. 

We will not be buying any hanging lights nor the expensive exaggerating kind of lights. I feel lights like these will be outdated and get sick of in due time. I would want to use lights to brighten up the house appropriately as well as creating ambience in the evenings where one can relax and chill the stressful soul.

So, we had quite a lot of false ceilings as well as cove lights in our home to cover up some areas as well for creating ambience. Yes i have heard about cove areas collect a lot of dusts and is hard to clean. But any other lights that can create ambience will be difficult to clean as well. I prefer lights to be hidden and not direct.

The entrance of our home has a false ceiling so that we covered the ugly yellow City Gas inward pipe. I have installed a very nice and cheap crystal light to brighten up this area.

entrance of home
a very nice crystal light. at only SGD25!! my great buy!
When the aircon guys were here, we have discussed and tried to minimise the pipings to run through the hallways. Those that are inevitable will be boxed up or plastered over to make it look like a beam instead. 
the aircon pipings installation

My kitchen is not spared from having cove lights too! I love how it brighten my kitchen and makes it so inviting for myself! I will reveal why in subsequent posts that i have cove lights within my kitchen. A designer kitchen in the making I hope. My kitchen will be a little out of norm.
transformation of the kitchen with lightings

We decided against having dining light as we have two areas that can be our dining area. We would like to have the flexibility to be able to make changes to layouts as our family needs change in future. This is the current designated dining area. I love how the cove lights brightened the walls. I can imagine ourselves inviting friends and family over for a cosy dinner. 
the current designated dining area

When i said i want to brighten up the house, i look into the walkway to the rooms too! This area does not has any false ceiling installed as it's not necessary. You see the aircon trunking running across the right of the walls? We have plastered over it to make it seems like a small beam. I have also installed the very same crystal light that i had at the house entrance. I really love the effects of this light.
walkway to rooms

Our living area has a false ceiling with cove lights and down lights. I love the ambience created by the lights. There are other lights too but as it's not ready, i will show the pictures again next time. :)
living room

I am not able to show the lights in the master bedroom as the switches are currently removed for incorporating into my wardrobe. Shall post them up at later stages too.

So how? Do you agree that lightings have a very important role to play in making a cosy and inviting home?

You may be interested to continue reading on Light up a Home Part 2.

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