Food Art for a meaningful clause

Last month, thanks to fellow mommy blogger Waiwai, we were able to join her for an introductory Food Art session under the GoldHealthy Food Art Programmes, conducted by NutriVille

Firstly, I must said I am very impressed by the Founder of NutriVille, Mr Valentino Tan. Valentino shared that in 2011, he witnessed how his own grandmother, from being able to live independently and actively to being institutionalized after being diagnosed with dementia and with broken hips after a bad fall. The detrimental effects of poor quality of care and rehabilitation on his grandmother’s health made him feel that he should do something meaningful for the seniors in the community. That was when NutriVille was born. Nutriville is a social enterprise started with the aim to help seniors age better and healthier, by empowering them with beneficial life skills. 

All theses came from a young youth in his early 20's! When i was at that age, i was climbing corporate ladders, working hard to meet my sales targets to impress, taking on my part time university degree for a better career path and playing! It may have cross my mind a few times of creating some impact for society, but I never had the courage, mood, time and energy to do any. I think it's a very good initiative by Valentino. He has a long way ahead and i am sure he will succeed to make a noticeable impact. :)

The programmes they run focused on the below needs of an elderly -
i) poor eating quality leading to moderate-to-high nutritional risk 
ii) social isolation and communication barriers
iii) creating services and products to welcome the “new age” seniors in years to come.

How they aim to create the social impacts are by engaging community through volunteerism and philanthropy. They try to reach out to other generations such as the youth to help them understand the silver community better and provide a platform for them to give back to society. They also have intergenerational programmes to encourage better communication between generations, and clear misperceptions that youths have of old people. 

So, what me and Kyle had attended was an introductory to the GoldHealthy Programme. This programme teaches to use infuse food into art.There are many different sessions available and what we attended was to use food to design a bag.  You can see our pictures below for better understanding of what it entails. :) 

While the adults were attending the introductory presentation, the children were being taught how they can use just one food product - Coffee Powder, to blend into different shades to create a beautiful picture like this. 

Learning about healthy food and incorporating them into art to design our own canvas bag

listening to the instructor
The variety of vegetables that can be used for art
The vegetables that me and Kyle selected

Choosing the paint color
Me and Kyle
We test our designs by stamping onto a white paper first
how can i forget a self protrait?

actual printing onto the bag

the instructor going around to assist
finishing up
Us and our bag!

Please visit them at their facebook page if you are keen to know more about them! :)

Disclaimer: We attended a complimentary introductory session of GoldHealthy FoodArt Programme. All opinions are mine.

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