A day to remember

Today, 20 June 2013, the #sghaze hit the highest ever psi index of 377.


My so lovable Kyle at 44 months old is finally 101cm tall and weighs 16.85kg! This last two months since Kyne arrived, Kyle really grows too fast all of sudden! He outgrown so many clothes and shoes this past two months! He still ask me to carry him and I do. Because I want to carry him all the way till the day he doesn't want me to anymore. I never ever thought I could carry such heavy weights before! 

I drove both my children to NUH today for Kyle's quarterly review follow up for his respiratory troubles (since he was 9 months old) and took the opportunity to ask the pd specialist to help me check his ears that was super badly infected 10 days ago as the KKH ENT clinic queue is too long away. Finally i had a peace of mind! His ear seems to have totally clear up itself! The doctor can't seem to see any sign of infection as well as fluid behind his ears! :D

Also the driving experience in this haze is quite memorable. 31 years of my life. I never seen anything like now. To think that back in 1996, the psi index of 226, I thought it was so serious why wasn't my school declared holiday? 

I drove from Seng Kang via KPE ( which looks like the tunnel is on fire), ECP (the flyer become almost invisible, I couldn't see Suntec, Gardens by the Bay and MBS). Even NUH itself, the haze went into the clinics too. After the appointment was over, I drove to Jurong East my in laws home to collect my air purifier which I left there and took the Choa Chu Kang/ Sungei Kadut/ Mandai/ Yishun/ SLE back. Woah! We really saw for ourselves how badly the whole of Singapore is affected by the haze! Now when I close my eyes and try to sleep, I see a moving images of the road conditions with the haze, everything that I could see in this haze on the road is so glaring. :/

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