Big Brother Kyle

This afternoon, I left baby brother Kyne (who is trying to poo) on the bed with big brother Kyle (who is engrossed with a game on the ipad) and went to the kitchen to make milk for Kyle.

I heard the baby wailing and moments later, I heard Kyle's voice:

"OK! OK! OK..... Sayang sayang sayang... "

Kyle actually paused his game to help me look into his brother's crying and he came out to look for me to tell me that he thinks didi pooed and need to change a diaper!  All these from my 3+ years old Kyle!
I don't know how to describe the feeling. I think I am amused and very touched by Kyle. 

Yes, he is not exactly really excited with his lil brother, the ipad and toys are more cool.. but if didi cries too much, i begin to see the sensitive sensible big brother in Kyle! He is no longer the baby but he is forever my big baby!

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