Baby, What is thou name?

I have the belief that every one's name is predestined. Do you? 

I believe that whether he was named by parents, grandparents or Fengshui master etc, how the child got his name and what is the name he was given is predestined.

Long time ago (going to be soon 5 years ago), when we just got married, i was asking Hubby, if we ever have a child, what shall we name him or her? We weren't planning for one so soon yet, but you know I am sure this is one of the topics that couples discussed - what would you named your child?

So we had the discussion and we decided to name our children starting with alphabet K! I love alphabet K and the english name i gave myself also starts with K (it's Kene pronounced as Keen). So i would like to name my children starting with alphabet K too! I also wondered out loud, if our first child will be a boy or girl? If it's a boy, i would love to name him Kayden! If it's a girl, I would name her Kate or Kylie! 

Then what about the Chinese name? As Hubby's family has to follow the 家谱 for a generation character to name all offsprings in same generation, i asked hubby what is the Chinese character meant for our children's generation? He doesn't know because we were the first to got married for his generation and there were no new offsprings yet. So i was day dreaming, and i wrote down on a piece of paper and showed to hubby that i hope the chinese character for our children's generation will be 启 (qi3) so that i can name my son as 启(qi3)腾(teng2), which is the chinese version of Kayden!

It's really amazing i tell you! Cos that moment, i didn't think of any Chinese name for a baby girl! And when i got pregnant within two months from this conversation, few months later, i learnt that our first baby is a boy! 

And so we didn't discuss about the baby's name again, until we know the gender and i asked my Mother in Law what's the chinese character for our children's generation? Few days later, she came to me to tell me it's 启 (qi3) !! That moment i was STUNNED!! Like why is it such a coincidence?! i showed her the piece of paper i wrote few months back! So there is no headache over the name of our first child at all! It was already decided even before he was born! He is 岑(cen2) 启(qi3) 腾(teng2)!

For his english name, Hubby refused to name him as Kayden just because Hubby was given the name Eric in his birth certificate and he hates it absolutely, so Hubby feels that if we were to give our child a name that he doesn't like, he will be miserable.. But i wasn't willing to budge, so i came out with the idea of breaking Kayden apart to Kay Den so that it serves as a dialect name instead of christian name, and when he grows up he can give himself a name he likes!

Thus, when KD was born, we registered his name on birth certificate as :

Cen Kay Den 岑启腾

Very quickly, less than a few months after he was born and many visits to the PDs, i noticed that Kayden is a overly used name! Every time we goes to the clinic, there are at least 5 to 8 other Kaydens around!! Even we were confused if it was KD's turn to see the doctor yet! So I wonder what will it be like for him when he is in school or work?

So i made hubby drove us to the ICA one day (within the first year of his birth), and amended KD's name as :

Cen Kay Den, Kyle 岑启腾

When he grows up, he can choose which name he like better and use that particular name. Or he could give himself another name if he dislike Kay Den or Kyle!

- - - - - - - -

IRONICALLY,  3 years after KD is born, when my brother in law is having his first child, my father in law came to us and told us that 3 years ago, they gave us the wrong generation character to use!! He had seen the 家谱 wrongly! It's supposed to be 其(qi2) instead of 启(qi3)!! He expected us to change the Chinese name for KD BUT... there is a meaning to 启腾 which means "begin to prosper".. what a joke if we were to change it to 其腾 which will mean "continuously jumping"???!! Hubby rejected his father out right and told him that if that's the case, this is predestined for KD. His name is meant to be like this.. 

- - - - - - - -

So some months later from knowing that the generation Chinese character was given wrongly to us, i am pregnant with my 2nd child.

Of cos, the first thing me and hubby pondered over was if it's a boy or girl? If it's a girl, naming her will be easy cos i had names from #1's time. But it was fated that we will have another boy and this time round, it's more difficult because the boys name starting with alphabet K that i really love had been used for my #1! We took a longer time to name our 2nd child. For months, I had been reading many many baby names and shortlisting them again and again. I also asked some friends for opinons on how the name sounds too.

Some names which i shortlisted were: Karlos, Kaylen / Kaylor / Kayler, Khai / Kai, Khalil.

My favorite name was Khalil (pronounced as Ke - Leel [as in amelia the lia] ) but all friends feedback that it looks very malay, people will not know how to pronounce. Hubby suggested spelling it as Calil but i totally do not like this spelling.. with head blocks, so i left the english name aside first and look at Chinese names instead.

Chinese name is easier, cos for this child, our wish is for him to be happy. 乐(le4) and 恺(kai3) both means happiness and joy. So we will either name the child 岑其乐 or 岑其恺. I consulted KD which name suits his lil brother more and he prefers 岑其乐. I thought 其乐 is good too cos it means 其乐融融 and 乐在其中!

Just weeks before giving birth, we were still debating over the english name for 其乐, and i came across this name Kyne. The name just attracted me like "this is it!" My close friends will know that it's a very me thing. The meaning of the name is "Royal" and it's pronounced as Kind without the D. Do you like it as much as i do too?

The names of both my children are:

Cen Kay Den, Kyle 岑启腾


Cen Kay Le, Kyne 岑其乐

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