Lesson Learnt : No bananas before meals

Every Friday now is also Fruity Day at Kyle's new nursery school. The school will not be serving any tea break on this day and parents are required to prepare small portion of fruits for the kiddos to bring to school to eat during their Friday tea break.

This being our very first Friday in this school, I had thought that a very good fruit to bring for Kyle will be his favorite Banana!! I was thinking so because Banana won't be messy, and it can lasts till tea break without turning brown.. 

Little did i know that, when we went to school 4 hours later to bring him home, we found Kyle with his hand crutching his stomach and his body cold..  :( :( :( I had forgotten that one shouldn't take banana on almost empty stomach as that will cause gastric pains! His breakfast was only milk and just happened that this morning he only took 100ml of milk!

Geez... BAD mommy! I quickly made a bottle of warm milk for Kyle and let him rest, while he waits for lunch.. 

Guess I have to prepare other fruits for Kyle next time...  what fruits do you recommend that is suitable after light breakfast (that is milk) and yet gentle and filling enough to last him till lunch? How should i store cut apples or pears so that they will not turn brown before he gets to eat it? I am not a fan of using salt.. 

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