Kyle's first week in a new school

Last week, on 1 Apr 2013, was a new beginning for Kyle again. 

It's Kyle first day of school in the new nursery where we are staying at now.  For people whom do not know, i have moved our family of 3 from Jurong East (my parents in laws' house) to Seng Kang (my parents' place).  Main reason being, our very own BTO flat in Seng Kang will be ready very soon in another few months time and I might as well switch Kyle to the nursery in Seng Kang now when there are vacancies and Kyle can remain in the same school all the way until he needs to go Primary school. I will also have an easier time managing the renovation of the house by staying near where my new house is. :) 

So, though we were excited with changes happening this year - new additional family member as well as a home that we can finally call our very own, it's still a painful process to change school for little Big Brother Kyle. Changes are always more drastic to a young child although they can adapt faster than adults. It is indeed a hassle to go through the whole process of him crying his way to school again. 

The good thing is that though it's a different centre in a different location with different teachers and classmates, but because this new school (Arts Circle @ Punggol Central) and his previous school (Little Wings by NTUC) are under PAP Community Foundation, the curriculum are exactly the same! So, it's not exactly foreign to him. In fact, for Kyle that has been to branded childcare centres and now the PCF schools, i prefer the curriculum by PCF! And why should i pay so much now that i am a SAHM and the quality of the teachers are the same (mainly foreigners from the same countries like Philippines  China and India)..

Now not just Kyle is adjusting, I as his mom is adapting to the changes here too! What's new to us in this centre are: 

* The teachers are more qualified with longer years of experiences in the same centre, but they do not appeared to be as loving and understanding than teachers in Little Wings.

* Kyle has two sets of uniforms - both are very thick, hard and stiff, one for outdoor days and one for indoor days, so i have to remember which days he has to wear which uniforms. When he is in Little wings he only have to wear one set of uniform that is a polo tee in very comfortable material good enough for indoor or outdoor activities.

* Kyle has to change classrooms for every activities. In fact the room for arrival and dismissal is also different so more things to remember for me which is a challenging for my pregnancy pea brain and also my parents whom are getting older by the day and helping me sometimes to bring Kyle to and from school

* Every Wednesday is early dismissal day. 

* Every Friday is Fruity Day and parents are to bring fruits for the children for them to eat during tea break. 

* Haha, it's more expensive due to a once a week indoor gym session by an external gym vendor. I do not know which vendor they are working with though..

Overall, i am having mixed feelings. I feel on one hand it's good for the above changes as theses are what are happening in Primary Schools nowadays too, so Kyle can adjust to a Primary School kinda environment? That is different dismissal timings everyday, children has to go to different classrooms for different subjects etc.. but i am wondering, is 3 years old turning 4 a little too young to be exposed to theses?? 

I have a little different take on my parenting style now. When i just turned a SAHM, i was so worried that Kyle doesn't know his ABCs and 123s as that was what was feedback to me by his childcare teachers that Kyle wasn't interested plus the pressure given to me by my Father in Law like Kyle should be learning and displaying something new all the time....  Now, he doesn't even like to hold the pencil at all... should i be worried yet? What's childhood like to force a child to do what he does not like? Kyle may not write or count or even do additions like some children his age can already do.. but he is an extremely good gamer on the ipad! He can play a game further levels than us and i think he is a smart boy to be able to grasp the concepts and what he needs to do... It's just a matter of time he will know he need to sit down and study hard i feel. 

So,  which is considered smarter? Academically or Street Smart wise? i think happiness is the cleverest of all...


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