Group B Strep Infection Drama during Pregnancy

Joining Rachel Teo on her Trial and Tribulation Linky Party, i shall share about what i went through the past two weeks. 

Last Monday on 11 Mar 2013, I received a call from my Gynae's clinic that I am tested positive for my Group B Strep test and i should go down to the clinic to collect some antibiotics for treatment.

On Tuesday, I went down to the clinic to collect the medication. However, I noticed that the antibiotics prescribed to me is the very one that was prescribed to me earlier in January for my sore throat! The problem is, a few hours after i took the antibiotics, my mouth swell and broke out in many ulcers. I am allergic to this antibiotics and i informed my Gynae to add into the list of my allergies. So the nurse told me to wait while they consulted the doctor. After a while i was called into the consultation room and my Gynae told me that he can't give me any antibiotics because i have allergies to Penicillin, Amoxicillin and Erythromycin.  He then only add on to say too bad, cos he cannot give me anything from theses families of drugs. So we since can't treat the mom then we can only treat the baby when he is born. That's it! 

I was a little angry because he should have known about the allergies and realized there is no medicine for me before instructing the nurses to call me to take medication! If he noticed, then in this meeting he should be telling me more about Strep B infection, what are risks to baby and if there are any other alternatives?

I left the clinic feeling really lost and puzzled like i don't know what's happening or what will happened. Hubby was out of town for work and he will be out of town the whole week!  I quickly went home and surfed the internet to find out more myself. You know when you do research on your own on the world wide web, you tend to be very distracted by the most scary keywords found? I froze to read possible risks to the newborn : Stillborn, Pneumonia, Meningitis, Deaf, Blind and etc. Though the website said one in two hundred babies born to untreated mothers will have serious complications. But I don't know this statistics is for the whole world or in America or where. And I am definitely not someone that leaves things to chances! Nobody would want their baby to be that one!

So, what happened when you are tested positive for GBS during pregnancy and you are not able to take any antibiotics or the antibiotics iv drip during delivery due to your allergies?

Faster than i noticed, I already sank into a panic depressive worried sick mode. But I am not someone that sits and cries.. Crying is only for things that there are absolutely nothing you can do about it anymore...  i read a webby that states that there are natural remedies i should check with a midwife but i don't know any midwives in Singapore. I did ask my Gynae if there are any natural remedies i can take but he doesn't know.. So I continued Goggling along that line and bought the below supplements to build up my immunity and hopefully can cure my GBS infection before my delivery: 

1) Garden of Life, Raw Probiotics for women: To increase the number of good bacteria and help rid the bad bacteria and promote good vaginal health (Bought from using discount code LIM954)
2) Paradise Herbs, One a day Enchinacea: To help build up my own immunity system (Bought from using discount code LIM954)
3) Nature's Way Garlic Perles: To kill the bad bacteria (Bought from Guardian Pharmacy)

Of cos I ain't sure how theses can help me yet until i deliver my baby, and I was still very affected and disturbed that i begin to lose my sleep! Having only 2.5 hours of sleep the day before, I couldn't sleep because i was so worried about the many what ifs! I also remembered reading that the longer the baby stays in the birth canal, the higher the chances that he will be infected by the bacteria!! Then i recalled during the delivery of my #1, my baby crowned at slightly past 3am but my Gynae only arrived and delivered my baby very close to 5am!  I was really fretting and began thinking i want to change my Gynae now at 35+ weeks! I feel insecure under his hands now and started looking for alternatives such as going to KKH etc. I just don't know why i was so afraid suddenly but many scary thoughts started racing each other across the brain and i just couldn't sleep!

So yesterday afternoon, when I brought my elder son, KD, to NUH Children's specialist clinic to follow up on his suspected asthma history. I took the opportunity to ask the PD on the risks of GBS on the newborns and what treatments will they do. I am glad I did!! This PD did acknowledged that he had seen some serious cases before and also shared with me the different treatment philosophies that different institutions and PDs adopted. He gave me two really good advice:

1) Pre-book a PD now and communicate with the doctor what and how he will treat my newborn. It's the first 48 hours to check for GBS infection as well as first few weeks that are critical.

2) After i am done with my pregnancy and breastfeeding, get myself an appointment with an allergist to check on my drugs allergies. He said that many times the drug allergy reactions are due to other factors and not really a drug allergy Per Se.

With all the information that i have gathered on my own, i calm myself down and reorganized my thoughts. 

--> I will continue with my supplements as well as relax as much as i can. Stress can caused any infection or illness to worsen!  

--> I shall do up a birth plan that clearly indicates my drugs allergies (I have loads!) and priorities. And speak with my Gynae again.

--> I will also pray for a smooth delivery and a healthy & happy baby.

What i really learnt from this dramatic and traumatic episode is that :

* Thinking too much really doesn't help at all, totally.  Cos many times, humans tend to become a hair splitter when they are stuck in a rut. Especially a hormones raging pregnant woman with a pea brain!  Changing Gynae at this stage won't change the fact that I can't be treated for GBS.  The risks are still the same..

* Many times dramas came from within ourselves. Our minds have the ability to imagine the worst or the best but we tend to magnify on any situation. 

* A mother can really go all out to protect her child from any dangers. Even if she can't do a single thing, a mom life is predestined to be connected to her child's the moment he existed. 

* And as a mother, i need to be more calm and less afraid then ever. New things will happen everyday, i hope i can teach my children not to fret but focus on solutions in future. 

* Everything happens for a reason. And we will accept whatever may comes. 

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