What's in a name? Bizarre names i came across

Linking up with MadPsychMum, I am going to share about some interesting names i came across when i was working part time as a IT technical troubleshooter with SingaporeOne during my schooling days (GOSH! that's so many years ago!!) as well as interesting names i read on the newspapers before:

Name #1 and #2:

I was stationed in the Computer Training Centre @ the Toa Payoh Library, (where many computers were set up with the aim of teaching the nation on how to use the computer for internet under the SingaporeOne nationwide mass adoption programme). We were calling one of the senior citizen students to clarify the name to print on his Certificate of Completion of the course.

Colleague picked up the phone and dialed.. while waiting she commented "Oh my, i really dunno how i should pronounce the name.. Is it really like Poh Piah as in 薄饼?"

"Hello! We are calling from xxxxxx, Can i speak with Mr Wu Poh Piah please?"

"Oh! He is not in? Can i check who you are? We are going to print out his certificate and would like to clarify his name.."

"You are Wu Bong Piah?! You are his brother?! Huh!! Are you pulling my leg??!"

"So your brother's name is really Wu Poh Piah??!"

Wu Poh Piah (in hokkien it means Have Spring Roll) and Wu Bong Piah (in hokkien it means Have Bong Piah which is a type of chinese pastry)

Name #3:

Primary school children were also sent to the computer centre set up in the Toa Payoh Library to learn how to use the internet for research. We were suppose to print out their Certificates of Completion immediately after the course and the names that we used for printing are the names the children key in when they log on the systems. Children being children and kids being kids, so for theses classes, we have to do a diligent thorough check through the name lists generated before we print the certificates as many times there are "Superman", "Spiderman", "Sponge Bob" and sometimes vulgarities like "CCB" or "LJ" appearing in the class...

There was one day i was looking through the list and i turned very angry thinking how come a 7 year old boy who should be so innocent keyed in something like this!

I stomped into the class angrily, walked to his terminal where he is seating and asked the little boy whom were giggling with his friends, "You think it's very funny!? Why didn't you key in your name properly when the instructor told you to!?"

His angelic face and innocent stare back at me made me a little puzzled while I was still very angry... so i turned to his classmates seating beside him and asked "What is the name of your friend here?"

They replied simultaneously "Dick"

(Me thinking to myself.... OMG... so Dick is correct....)

"And what's his surname?"

They replied simultaneously with innocence again "Long"

(Me: Holy shit!!!!!! The child's name is really Dick Long!!!!!)

I quickly apologized to the poor boy and ask them to continue with their lessons and rushed out of the classroom immediately....

Seriously, the boy was only 7 years old then.. i really pity him when he grows up and especially when he is in the army...

Name #4:

I read this on the chinese newspaper.. apparently there are some very nice chinese names but when you input the Han Yu Pin Yin name in English on the Identification cards, it sounds very weird when other pronounced the Han Yu Pin Yin Name...

Apparently, there was a lady in Singapore whom her parents gave her a very beautiful name - 游灿蝶 which means very beautiful butterflies... but printed on her NRIC below her Chinese Name in Han Yu Pin Yin was You Can Die. -_-"""""

If I am a nurse and had to help the doctor call for the patients' names I will be super stress to read out this name... Probably I will call out her NRIC number instead. ;p

Thus i think giving the child a beautiful name is not enough.. you also have to check it's spelling in dialect and Han Yu Pin Yin!!

Lastly, i also read this on the newpaper: Unique and very rare & bizzare surnames in Singapore: 老 and 死. Can you imagine greeting them 老小姐 or 死先生?? I can't seem to find both on the online Yellow Pages under residential category now.. Used to flip the book and really saw that very few people with the surnames!!

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