My oh my! Is this my son?

Last week, i peeked into Kyle's class and found him super disinterested and busy playing with  his toes when the Chinese teacher was reading a book animatedly to the attentive children. I described it to hubby and ask him aiyo why our son behaves like that?

Today, I peeked into the class again and almost fainted. Quickly took some pictures and a video to send to Hubby's phone to which he replied:

" I think next time u need to go to his primary school often"





When I picked him up, I asked the teachers if Kyle participates in the classroom activities and if he is able to pay attention in class? To which, the teacher replied me that he had improved a lot recently...  -_-/// I immediately stopped asking further questions!

Experienced mommies, maybe you can share with me if Kyle is having attention deficiency? When he was at home with me, I also had to plan and do many activities with him quickly in a short time frame Else he will be bored and moves away.. just how can I get him to be interested in classroom activities?

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