I have Herpetophobia in a confined space.

Herpetophobia: It is an extreme and morbid fear of reptiles or creepy, crawly things, like, snakes, lizards, alligators, etc.

The confined space is in my car.

Since yesterday, I got scared like at least 5 times whenever i opened the car door and found a big brown lizard either resting on the edge of mine or KD's door within close proximity to my face, on my seat belt or at my seat belt buckle!!

You must understand that i am quite heavily pregnant now and already my heart is working very hard to circulate blood between me and my baby. With the multiple scares within few hours (brought Kd to school, bought groceries, fetched him, brought him for his 3yo development assessment), i can say my heart is super overworked! Already it was beating faster than normal person but my heart was beating extremely fast! BLAME the pregnancy hormones that will make me a lil irrational under intense stress caused by the lizard!

When i first chanced upon it i only got a shock, but i did try to make it fall out my car onto the floor but alas it's too quick witted for me! As it gets daring and rest on places exactly at the driver seat, i realized i couldn't concentrate on driving anymore. ~T_T~ I am having phobia at the thought of it suddenly crawling up onto me and I will surely freaked out and lose control of my wheels!

This morning when i bring KD to school, I opened the car doors gingerly, look under two car seats and don't see it anywhere. So, I thought it had decided to leave me for good! Phew!

Kiasu me went to buy the lizard traps just to play safe. While placing the lizard trap, suddenly it appeared just right in front of my face again! Geez! I won't be able to live past another day like this!

Quickly called my in laws helper down and together we managed to chased it out of the car after many minutes.  Finally i can phew and relax! And thus here to share my very exciting and thrilling day of my life!


P/s: I will definitely look back and laugh at myself! I can't believe i actually became so obsessed and affected because i am a mom!!! Luckily KD is still a little young to know i am afraid! I still wanna maintain my "I am his super mommy" impression!

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