Kyle's 2nd day of going to school

Hmm, I find that the break that Kyle enjoyed when I withdrawed him from the childcare and waited for nursery to reopen was too long.

He is throwing BIG tantrums for his 2nd day of school today.  The moment I put on the uniform for him, he cried himself hoarse all the way from home to the school.  I had a hard time carrying the struggling crying boy, lugging his school bag, holding on his shoes.. all with my budging and heavy tummy.

When we entered the class, he was still a koala bear hugging me tightly. After many songs and he was willing to let me go and sit on the floor himself. :) I feel so proud of him at the moment! It's like he took the initiative himself without anyone forcing him! Little children are much more amazing than we think!

I just came out from the class when he's settled down. I lied to him that I need to use the toilet and can he wait for me please? I feel when a child goes to school, it's like the parent going to school all over again.  :) the parents are more anxious and worried than the child. Not just the child needs to feel secure and at ease.  The parent has to learn to let go too.

And thus here I am, outside the classroom bloggin on my phone. Making this another precious memory of Kyle's milestone - transiting from full time childcare to nursery.

I still remember the days when I was the one going to kindergarten and my mommy was standing outside peeping in from the small gaps in between metal window panes. Being a parents in whatever year doesn't changed much really.  Be it in 1988 or 2013...

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