I think it's right not to force the kid until he is ready.  I was always pressurised by KD's childcare teachers,  grandparents,  peers about making kd recognise alphabets and writing. :S

A check with the Singapore Mommy Bloggers Group and I was reassured. It's perfectly ok and normal!  Let's give the 3 year old a break!

So I stopped forcing him to hold a pencil or pen to write together. Instead I always ask him what he would like to do and most of the time he chooses painting. 

Today, he wanted to do playdoh and doodling! I am surprised on the doodling part because he usually dislike holding the markers!  Its free hand and style for him to draw whatever he wants. :) we drew faces actually.  He said he drew eyes,  nose and a mouth so I also drew my version.  Think this is fun. Shall try more of this in future.


See! Such good life! He ended up watching a movie on ipad,  a drink by his side,  a yummy finger in his mouth! ! I noticed he started putting his fingers into his mouth for about 3 months now.. geez I been try many ways to stop him and hope he will outgrow it soon.

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