December is good for movies dates

with our precious children!!

There are so much movies released recently that my 3yo can watch! So I had been bringing KD for a once a week movie date! Just me and my very little boyfriend. How sweet is that? :)

Last week, we watched Hotel Translavania @ Shaw JCube. There is a warning of some disturbing scenes but neither me (a preggie) or KD saw any! Though the movie is full of monsters, but the monsters are really cute! I have to say that the storyline and conversations are not something young children can understand and laugh with, its more for teenage and adults, however KD still managed to sit through the 91 mins long movie because of the cartoons and sound effects. It's an enjoyable time! Mommy needs a little break from the very active and playful boy too! What's better and easier than sitting together enjoying a movie in darkness and aircon?

And that explains why we went to JCube again this week, for another movie date! We went back to Shaw JCube to watch Rise of the Guardians yesterday! I must say this is a nicer and more suitable movie for a 3yo! KD can recognize the Santa and Easter Bunny. But he loves the sand man and tooth fairy too! Of cos, at the end of the movie he loves Jack Frost too! The movie is exciting for kiddos, easy to understand and full of beautiful surprises.

1) There is a promotion from now till 31 Dec 2012, that if you purchased a standard price ticket for movie before 2pm(with no discounts), a child age 6 and below can enter for free!

2) What's better is if you can watch an older release first because the ticket price is only $8.50 compared to a new release at $9.50!

3) There is also a ribena combo set at $5.90, consisting of a ribena and popcorn, which both are KD favorites too!

4) Some cinemas provide booster seats which our shortie child can sit higher and be able to enjoy and watch the movie too. Don't be shy to ask if they have!

5) If your child had not been to the movies before or you are not sure if he will enjoy and able to sit through a long movie, bring along his favorite food like chocolates, tiny biscuits or sweets!

6) Also, when you purchase the tickets, book those at the aisle, this way its easy to bring a screaming kid out of theatre easily without disturbing others.

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