Doubtful Friday

It's been two months since i stopped working and today, while having a sinful lunch and checking my emails on my phone, i began to doubt myself in this decision i made to be a SAHM! Guilty me feel HOW CAN a Mommy with no income have lunch outside just like when she is working!! Very soon my savings will be depleted and there are better things to spend money on!

Plus, I saw an email asking me if I am keen in a senior position in the industry I worked in.. It kinda triggers the insecurities deep within me cos no work equals no money and the money I am giving up is not a small amount too. What about a career path? What about doing a regional job? What about changing a car? What about going for many holidays? What about having a dream home? I can't enjoy all theses if I choose to be a SAHM and depending on hubby's single income.. :(

Anyway, the doubts cleared very easily for now. Cos I am carrying my #2 so who wanna hire me??Hahaha. To be honest, I am really very grateful to my hubby whom supported me hands & legs in this decision to spend quality time with KD before he has a sibling... KD is a very mommy's boy and there is nothing wrong, he is just showing his preference and I will soak in the bliss before he grew up and drift away from me. (he is a boy after all!)

I once asked hubby when is the deadline I should return to work? He replied me why is there a need? No need to go back to work! (WAH... really sounds so blissful leh!) We can be happy surviving on single income too. And more importantly, our children has the Mommy to look after and Daddy can focus on his work. We used to lead a crazy lifestyle rushing to and fetching KD from childcare before and after work.. So in a way, he is not wrong too. Someone has to make sacrifices else no one can be best at anything we do.

Till then, I will see and decide when I want to or need to return to work. :) at this moment, I am still a very happy SAHM enjoying all moments with KD.

P/s: I thought I have quite a flair to be a SAHM too.. At least i didn't go crazy (yet) :p LOL

To share an image of the sinful very yummilicious lunch i was talking about.. zzz.. just by looking at it i am HUNGRY again!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="225"] Super Yummy Curry Mee from Old Town![/caption]

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