Miracule is the french word for miracles. I am Mommy Ting and I always believe that if we look closely, we can find many miracles in our life. :) I considered many things in my life to be miracles not to be taken for granted. This way, i learnt to treasure and not live with regrets.

I am a Stay-at-Home-Mother (SAHM) for six years now, to my two lovely boys, aged nine+ and five years old. On this blog, i shared my experiences in my family, motherhood, homemaking, breastfeeding and even growing my own vegetables!

Prior to turning into a poor housewife (haha, I am no tai tai!), I was actually a career sales woman in the IT industry! I used to be dressed in formal power suits, met and interacted with many people, sealed huge deals, overachieved my targets and met deadlines! But after i become a Stay Home Mom, I really do salute all the Stay Home Moms before me! This has to be the toughest and yet most satisfying job on earth for a woman!

p/s: If you are a SAHM too, please do link up with me! I would love to befriend you so that we can share ideas and woes on being a SAHM! Drop me a message here or email me at Tinkene@gmail.com


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