Food Review: Pineapple Tart Singapore

It's the time of the year for yummy food again! While this year we have the 8 visitors only rule which may dampen the CNY visiting spirits. But what's stopping us from showing love in other way? Let's have CNY goodies delivered to people we love! 

I am invited by Pineapple Tart Singapore to try and review their CNY Goodies. 

The goodies are delivered in this very presentable paper bag, perfect for gifting!

Who is Pineapple Tart Singapore?

Reading the reviews by others, it seems like Pineapple Tarts Singapore is known for their crusty and buttery award-winning pineapple balls (that explains their name right!?). Other than pineapple tarts, they also sell award winning recipes that are specially designed to cater to the younger taste buds. You can find the traditional Nyonya flavors as well as invented new recipes. Most importantly, the CNY goodies by them are baked daily for the freshness! 

What I Ordered:

Almond Ball Cookies, $16.80 

I am a lover of all things nuts, so almond cookies is something I will get without failed every year! This Almond Ball Cookie are shaped just nice for a one mouthful melt in the mouth experience. The cookies are milky and yet not sweet! I love the crushed almonds in every bite. 

Low Sugar Cashew Nut Cookies, $16.80 

This Low Sugar Cashew Nut Cookie is really not sweet at all! I think it's a perfect to be gifted to family members with diabetes! It's very nutty and crunchy!

Cheese Pineapple Ball, $16.80 

I love cheese, unfortunately this Cheese Pineapple Ball is too light on the cheesy side for me. I prefer a stronger cheesy pineapple tart. Worth to note that this pineapple ball is just nice, not sweet at all too! 

Mango Pineapple Tart, $16.80 

I am attracted to it's name! I have not tried a mango pineapple tart before! This is really a refreshing taste. The mango flavor burst in the mouth after a few bites. If you love pineapple tarts and also love mango, you should give this flavor a try! I really love that this is not sweet at all too! 

Salted Egg Crab Stick Cracker, $20.80
Mala Crab Stick Cracker, $20.80 

Ok, so far the CNY goodies I tried above feel very clean and healthy. I am able to count and stop myself from eating. Here comes the super sinful ones! 😂 Once I start, it's difficult for me to stop! 

This Salted Egg Crab Stick Cracker and Mala Crab Stick Cracker is da bomb!!!! I cannot decide which is nicer because I love eating both! Whatever you are buying from Pineapple Tart Singapore, you must add on the Crab Stick Cracker! 

The salted egg flavor is just nice, not too overwhelming, so that you can eat and won't stop! 😂 Anything salted egg is nice!

The mala cracker is really evenly coated! Very spicy and ma~ I also cannot stop eating it. The good thing about the mala flavor is that I do not need to share it with my kids and can enjoy it alone! 😁

Overall Review:

I personally like the CNY goodies by Pineapple Tart Singapore because they are nice, yet not sweet. It taste like a healthier choice compared to what I usually had. 


Right now, Pineapple Tart Singapore is having their early bird promotion! 

Here's sharing an additional 5% discount to you for some New Year cheer!

Apply discount code 'mira5' when checking out. This code expires on 31st January 2021. :)

Happy Shopping and Eating!


We were partly sponsored for our order with for review purposes. No other form of compensation is involved and all opinions and photos are my own unless otherwise stated. No part is to be copied or reproduced without permission.

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