Food Review: Just Nuts for Guilt Free Snacking

I love to snack and since after having children, I have learnt to snack healthier as my children follow what I eat! I especially love eating all kinds of nuts, seeds and seaweeds because they are low in calories! Do you know that eating nuts can help in lowering our production of unhealthy fats and bad cholesterol, which is important to maintain a good heart and health? Nuts like walnuts contain high DHA and Omega-3 fatty acid levels, which are good for healing damaged brain tissue too!

Every year without fail, I always stock up on these snacks before school holidays as I snack 100x more when I am stuck with my children 24/7! (it's truly mentally, physically and emotionally draining leh!) 😂 This time, instead of me going to purchase my nuts & seeds supply from my usual stores and lug them home all by myself, I ordered them from Just Nuts and have them delivered to me! Easy Peasy! So convenient! 

If you are wondering, Just nuts is a company which provides a variety of sweet and savoury low calorie treats at an affordable price! 

They have a wide variety of nuts, seeds & dried fruits. You can surely find what you love!

Psst!! They are having a Christmas Sale of up to 44% off on their website now! Do check them out!

What I ordered:

Almonds (honey roasted) 500g at $14.50
Walnut (raw) 500g at $14
Sunflower Seeds 300g at $4.20
Green Raisins 300g at $4.80
Dried Figs 300g at $9.50

What's worth mentioning is that everything sold on Just Nuts are ORGANIC! Their prices are insanely cheap for being organic! 😁 The discount increases if you order more like in 300g, 500g or 1kg quantity too! 

I bought in bulk to save more money, but I was surprised when I received my order in individual pack size of 100g each! It may not be environmentally friendly, but it really helps me to store them easily in my cabinets without fear of them spoiling. I do not have to rush to finish a 1kg resealable pack asap like i usually do too. This 100g packaging also makes it very easy for me to bring out on our outings too! I truly think this makes very good Christmas gifts for colleagues and friends! You can buy in bulk to gift to your family and friends to snack healthy!

My 500g roasted honey almonds are sent in individual packs of 100g each

How do you snack your nuts? 

Being a nuts lover, I always buy them in Big Size to save money. Yet, the drawback is that I usually eat only one type of nuts at any time, as I have to finish an opened pack (even though it's resealable) as soon as I can to eat them while they are fresh. You can imagine me eating lots of almonds for the whole of this week and then walnut in the other week. 

This time, I can open and mix my nuts without feeling the rush of finishing the opened pack asap due to the small size individual packaging! 

We mixed the green raisins and sunflower seeds into our cereals during breakfast or supper. It's much more convenient than cut fruits as I tend to go to the supermarket less often during the school holidays. 

The honey roasted almonds are really good 👍👍👍. It is the most popular snack at home! 

As raw walnuts are a lot cheaper compared to roasted/baked walnuts, I used to buy raw walnuts and baked them myself at home to save money. 😅 I am truly very surprised that the raw walnuts from Just Nuts taste really great straight from the packaging! There's no need to bake them at all! 

My personal favourite snack is the dried figs. Dried figs are a source of natural fibre, hold an abundance of minerals and prebiotics! They are lightly sweet and very addictive for me to munch on! Once I start, I cannot stop. 😅 

If you are a nuts, seeds and dried fruits lover like me who always buy in bulk, I highly recommend getting them on Just Nuts to have them delivered right to your doorstep! 


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We are literally Just Nuts, about health. Holding the importance of physical well being, Just Nuts provides you with a variety of sweet and savoury low caloric treats at an affordable price. Order now and get it at your doorstep within 2 hours with free delivery above a purchase of $60! Payment is brought to you by Liquid Gateway

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