How I DIY My Confinement

In a blink of an eye, Baby Khloe is already a month old and I completed my confinement which I Do-It-All-By-Myself too!

Confinement Food Catered from Chilli Padi served in their thermal containers

Before I became a mum, I was totally clueless about what being a mum is about and what confinement is all about. I am quite the "scientific" type of person, so I am not able to blindly follow traditions without knowing why it's done that way. 11 years ago, when I was pregnant with my #1, Hubby and I attended the prenatal classes with Mrs Wong Boh Boi and we were glad that we did because we found many things that our parents asked us to do unnecessary! 

My first confinement was done by my mother in law and her domestic helper. My second confinement is done by my mum + I ordered confinement food. 

I can say that this confinement I had for my third child is the best confinement ever! I guess mainly it's because I am finally staying in my own house and I can do it exactly the way I desire! We are also very experienced now as it's our third child already! 

Here's sharing how I take care of my well-being during my confinement:

Breastfeeding Friendly Diet


I chanced upon this 30 days confinement porridge on Taobao and immediately bought it! The box came with 30 individually packed grains meant for the 3 recovery phases of post-delivery. Every day is a different porridge, in fact there is no repetition throughout my confinement at all! It's also very convenient to cook! I simply pour the grains (no-rinse) into my thermal pot, add water and boil it for 10 mins before putting the pot into the thermal cooker! As I breastfeed my lil girl, so we tend to wake at different timings daily (depending on how she wakes and feeds in the night before). So, it's good to start the day right with a warm and healthy multi-grains porridge daily! 

This is the pack for Day 12

How the grains look like before cooking

Healthy multi-grains porridge for breakfast daily!

Lunch and Early Dinner 

Free Lactation Cookies by Chilli Padi 

I had my confinement meals (28 days Lunch Package) catered for daily lunch from Chilli Padi. I actually joined a group buy to order this with 10% off the final price! Prior to ordering, I asked Chilli Padi if they can accommodate my no pork menu and they replied that they will switch out the pork dishes for me. The package comes with soup, red dates water as well as 2 bottles of lactation cookies too! 

I really love how convenient catered confinement food is! There's no need to do any supermarketing, no need to cook and wash too many things (you do have to help Chilli Padi clear any food left in their containers and rinse them though). The food is delivered on time daily! I hung the food containers from the previous day outside at my gate and when the delivery guy comes, he will make the switch and press my doorbell once so that I will know he is here. I can finish whatever I am doing (breastfeeding the baby or bathing her etc) and go bring in my lunch! 

The portions are really big! So I used clean utensils to take half out to eat for lunch and kept the rest to reheat for an early dinner by 4pm. The food by Chilli Padi has only minimal ginger and wine, which suited my very well as I am total breastfeeding! Throughout the 28 days, they only made a mistake on one of the days and delivered pork cutlet to me. I feedback to them and it never happened again. :) 

Snack Time & Supper

For in-between, I had quite a fair bit of snack time as well as supper!  The food i ate are mainly good for boosting milk production too! Such as hot milo, lactation cookies, butter cookies, steamed buns, raisin bread and even durian!

Sheng Hua Soup

This is a soup that is very important for mummies to drink immediately post-partum. It is supposed to help improve blood circulation, clears stasis and clots, warms the middle section and disperses cold. It will also boost metabolism and expel of lochia. 

I bought my Sheng Hua Soup herbs from Hock Hua. Do note that Hock Hua's Sheng Hua Soup is without the red flower. The red flower is not suitable for all so I am ok without it. If you want the full Sheng Hua Tang, you can consider buying from Eu Yan Sang instead. The Sheng Hua Soup from Hock Hua comes in 2 portions (for day and night or to drink on two separate days). 

Before I went to the hospital, I woke earlier to boil the herbs in water for 5 minutes in my thermal pot. I transferred it to the thermal cooker and told hubby to bring it to the hospital in the late afternoon for me to drink after I deliver my baby. I boiled and drank the second portion on the 3rd day upon returning home from the hospital after delivery. 

Strengthening Body and Getting back in Shape

Prenatal Vitamin

I continue to take my prenatal vitamin daily as I am still breastfeeding. 

Chicken Essense

My Father-in-Law and mummy friends bought me Chicken Essense from Haoyikang! It's conveniently packed and nice to drink. In fact, this is the only chicken essence that I drink.

I drank 1 pack a day after breakfast or an additional pack later in the day if I still feel very tired. Psst! Heard that this is a good milk booster too! I guess so, as I have more than enough milk for my baby without taking any special supplement or soup!

My FIL bought us so many boxes of the chicken essence! 

Confinement Tonic, Bai Feng Wai and Bird Nest

This confinement tonic from Eu Yan Sang is a traditional formula prepared with matured Bentong ginger steeped in glutinous rice wine! It's really tasty to me! It is ideal for post-natal health maintenance and a good complement to post-natal recipes. It induces perspiration to expel chill from the body, improves blood circulation and reduces water retention. I love it as I can drink it (15 to 30ml each time) a few times a day at my own timing (after breastfeeding baby) instead of having it cooked in food. Many times, I had to breastfeed my baby as I eat or immediately after eating. I do not like to idea of passing alcohol to my baby through my breastmilk.

10 days post-partum, I also started taking Bai Feng Wan once a day for 18 days for replenishment and nourishment after childbirth. I also start to drink 1 bottle of bird's nest daily. 

Confinement massage 

I started on my confinement massage on the 10th day post-partum (a little later as we were waiting for Circuit Breaker Phase 2 to start). I know Hamidah for more than 10 years since she did my first post-natal massage. And since then, I engaged her help for every childbirth. What I really like is that she brings her own portable bed so I won't dirty my bed. I booked her for 5 days, each session includes a 1-hour full body massage followed by binding with a long cloth.

Contrary to many beliefs, post-natal massage is not really for slimming (but it really slims me down ALOT) but more for getting rid of the water retention & wind in the body, helps to push the uterus back up and helps the uterus to expel the blood. On the 3rd day of binding, my tummy flattens and on the 4th day, the uterus is no longer pain when she massages it. I can feel my body lighter as the water retention improved.  

PM me if you need her contact, she told me not to share publicly as she is already pretty overwhelmed by the word of mouth recommendations! That's how good she's! 


After the confinement massage is completed, I start wearing my shapewear (finally can fit in!) to continue to flatten the tummy and maintain the figure. Sigh! I think it's pretty demanding for a mother! People expect your tummy to be flat after delivery when it took 9 months for it to grow slowly to that big tummy! 

Daily Chores

Bathing The Baby

I really enjoy bathing my baby myself. So this is something that I can do it by myself. Just need to make sure that you position the tub so that you can have a good posture while bathing the baby. I use a small tub of warm water, so it's not heavy for me to lift to pour away too. 

Herbal Bath

For my daily bath, I purchased the herbs from Hock Hua at $25 for a box of 10 packs. I boil the pack of herbs in my thermal pot with 1.5 litres of water for about 8 minutes every morning, then I put it into the thermal pot. When I want to bath a few hours later, I just need to carry this small pot to pour into a tub and top up with hot water from the water heater.  After bathing, I also blow dry my hair immediately with my dyson airwrap on low heat, it's super quick!


Well, we do not have a helper and we did not have any confinement help. So, how did we cope? 
Daily, I find a small pocket of time to vacuum the house quickly with our Dibea cordless vacuum cleaner. It's not 100% clean, but it's acceptable. My Hubby then helped to wash all the dishes and mopped the house once a day.  

Then, I have to do the washing (it's so easy, just dumped into the washing machine and press buttons only!) and hanging laundry almost daily. I tried to minimise the chores by getting everyone to take their change of clothes from washed & dry pile, so that there is minimal folding required weekly. 

Every Sunday, Hubby and the boys will change the bedsheets together. I will fold the clothes and the Hubby helps to iron those that require ironing. 

Oh yes! My mum cooks for my Hubby and boys every other day! 

That's about all! This is how we survived the one month of confinement. Other than the baby, I think it sounds almost just like a normal day! That's why I think this is the best confinement ever! 

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