Birth Story of Lil Khloe

Having miscarried twice before this, I was being extra quiet and careful for this pregnancy. You know the trauma one gets from miscarriages? From the beginning of this pregnancy until I could feel the baby's movement, I was asking my gynae at every visit, if my baby's heart is still beating. 😭

This baby is so precious to me, so I didn't publicly announce the pregnancy, but during CNY I was already walking around with a baby bump but only less than a handful noticed and asked. 😅  My mum was the first to know (i think it's her mother's instinct), she didn't ask if I was pregnant, she went "When are you delivering ah? Must tell me then I take leave to help you with your confinement!" 

My mother in law was shockingly amazing! When I was 6 months pregnant, she still couldn't tell! 😵  Only when a relative asked her then she went "She's pregnant meh?!" And she came to me to ask "Aunty said you are pregnant leh... are you?!!" 😓  But it sucks when she went around joking loudly that my 6 months tummy only looks like a 2 months tummy. I complained to Hubby about it because it made me damn moody. It wasn't funny at all, and I couldn't see the rationale for making this kinda joke and upsetting a preggie.  

When I was 31 weeks pregnant, I started having lower abdominal and lower back pains. One night, in the middle of my sleep, the lower abdominal pains developed into painful contractions that lasted 45 seconds to 1 minute each time and came 3 minutes apart! I knew something was wrong and the pain was so bad that I couldn't even get up or walk! I wasn't prepared to go to the hospital because it was during Circuit Breaker and I hadn't pack anything at all yet! 

I quickly woke hubby up and told him to help me get Ventolin tablet as well as a cup of water for me. (I had premature labour pains during my #1 before, so I remembered that taking Ventolin can help relax the womb). Luckily, after a while, the pain went away. So I went to visit my gynae the next morning! Unlike during the premature labour pains during #1 time, he didn't recommend me to go KKH immediately. Instead, he prescribed me with Ventolin to help relax the womb and monitor at home. 

So little Khloe was kept well in my tummy and Gynae discussed with us and suggest we go for induction when I am in my 38th week (my #1 and #2 were induced at 38 weeks).

Prior to that, as I was still having contractions on and off, I took Ventolin tablets whenever if the contractions are painful. When I was 36 weeks going to 37 weeks, I ran out of Ventolin medication, so I called my Gynae to ask for more, yet he asked me to go see him immediately. He did the ultrasound to check on the baby and told me to stop taking Ventolin and go for induction now instead. I was shocked but I told him I hope that I can give birth in the 38 weeks instead. Gynae explained that there is a reason why sometimes baby needs to come earlier and we cannot try to stop the contractions and drag baby's arrival to later. He asked us if we heard of stillbirth? It's not true that the longer you keep the baby inside the tummy, the better it is, sometimes it can be dangerous for the baby instead! 

He assured us that our precious baby can come anytime now and gave me an injection to my thigh for protecting her lungs in case if she arrives earlier. That's how lil Khloe arrived a week earlier that we expected! I was afraid that she might be too small, but surprisingly, she's only like less than 100g lighter than her brothers even though she's born a week earlier!

Safe Entry for checking into TMC

For drips as well as taking my blood for Khloe's cord blood donation

The birth rooms were full! So I can only be at the observation ward

After a very long labour, she finally arrives!
warming her up

Our baby girl, Khloe

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