7d6n Okinawa in Pictures: Day 6 and Day 7

Day 6 Itinerary: Eat Brunch at Ootoya > Shurijo Castle > Owl Cafe > Shopping at Kokusai Dori > A&W > Udon

We woke and went for brunch near the hotel. The kids chose Ootoya again and being so reasonably priced, of cos adults are delighted too!

Then we walk to the Yul Rail Station "Tsubogawa", which is located just beside our hotel. Directly opposite this station is a bridge that crosses the river to Onoyama Park which has quite an awesome playground too.

The bridge that crosses over to Onoyama Park

Another awesome family park

playground at Onoyama Park

We then took the train to Shuri Station for visiting the Shuri castle. As we were not very familiar with taking buses in Okinawa, we decided to take about a 15 minutes stroll to the castle instead.

The boys waiting for the Yul Rail

Map of the Shuri Castle

A Photo outside Okinawa Prefectural University of Art Shuri Tonokura Campus

Again, our entrance tickets were purchased at discounts from OTS Rental when we collected our car on our first day! Haha! I quite like it this way, since I do not have to cater for cash to purchase tickets anymore.

How to say? We are definitely not the Castle type of people. Haha. I find the views outside of the gardens (which are free!) nicer than the visiting the interiors of the castle which has already been air-conditioned & modernised with many places out of bounds. 

By the time we are done at the castle, which takes us very fast to complete. We were quite tired from climbing and walking. We took a stroll to the next "Gibo" Station to "Makishi" Station where Kokusai Dori is located.

We headed to First Makishi Public Market. There, you can find a wet market that is filled by an Asian markets atmosphere created by many energetic Anmar (Okinawa’s mother) working here. Especially at the seafood section, many of them actually speak mandarin to us!

 The boys are not seafood eaters and Hubby and I weren't hungry yet. So, we head to the Owl Adventure Park which is the real reason why we are there! Seriously, we saw owls behind the dark glasses at the Singapore Bird Park, but we have never ever seen an Owl up close before! Imagine our excitement!

For this, we have to purchase our tickets at their counter. They have premium, special, standard and simple tickets (LOL, so confusing right?!) and we purchased the simple tickets to see, touch and take pictures with the owls only.

This place is by far, yet another best place for our kids! It's a small place, but we took our time and spend quite a long time moving from owls to owls and then back to our own favourite owls again and again! At first, we were afraid to touch them and slowly, eventually all of us touch the owls, including 5 years old Lil Brother!

For dinner, the boys wanted to have A&W again! They loved it so much as the food served there is different from what is available in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. After the boys ate, we took the Yul Rail back to our hotel and walk to the nearby Izakaya (居酒屋), but alas, we were not allowed to enter BECAUSE we have children! 😅 

So we walked to the next door Okinawa Soba restaurant called そば家鶴小 壺川店 which seems like a famous place for soba! Okinawa soba is probably the most famous Okinawan food among Japanese people. Although in the rest of Japan, "soba" usually refers to buckwheat noodles, in Okinawa it is more similar to ramen noodles or udon. I think it's quite nice! 

We went back to the hotel and did a lot of packing as we had an early flight to catch the next day!

Day 7 Itinerary: Checkout of hotel at 6.30am > Take Yul Rail to the Okinawa Domestic Airport > Walk to the Okinawa Internation Airport > Flight home to lovely Singapore!

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