7d6n Okinawa In Pictures: Day 5

Day 5 Itinerary:  Check out Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa > Breakfast > Dino Park Nago > Okinawa Fruitsland > Return Car to OTS > Check in Mercure Okinawa Naha > Dinner > Shop at Naha Kokusai Dori

Today's the day that we will be heading south to Naha area which is served and covered by the Yul Rail, thus it also meant that we will be returning the car and start to travel around using the Yul Rail. Before we return the car, of course, we brought the to two more kids friendly attraction!

Breakfast at A&W

After we checked out, we headed to an A&W nearby Dinopark for the yummy breakfast! This A&W is super vintage! 

Dino Park Nago

We headed to Dino Park Nago. Tickets were purchased through OTS Car rental so we didn't have to waste time buying tickets. We parked the car opposite and had to cross the road over to Dino Park, which is run by the famous sweet potato pastry maker of Okinawa. 

Okay, to be honest, I thought the park is very boring, LOL. BUT, my boys totally love it! :/ so at least, they enjoyed right? haha. 

Can you believe this is actually the entrance to the ticketing area? so cool right!?

Okinawa Fruitsland

Next we drove to the nearby Okinawa Fruitsland, which is a highly interactive Fruits Orchard! The Tale of the Tropical Kingdom is a new attraction where you can learn about fruits while enjoying the world of a special story. The boys were given each an A3 size mission paper, to rescue a king who has been kidnapped over to the Land of the Spirits, they had to answer a quiz at certain points in the facility while enjoying the story, gathering stamps along the way. It was so fun that even 1 year after we came back, the boys kept asking if we can ever bring them back to Fruitsland again, they really missed the place!

Fruitslands is not all about fruits though, there is also a mini Butterfly zone as well as Birds zone! There were many interactive installations found all over the Park where the boys have to figure out how to open to read the hidden missions. 

One of the Quiz zone, answer the question correctly to collect a stamp on their mission card!

They boys figuring out how to stop the water in order to read the hidden mission

the boys collecting their stamp


Now they have to stop the water to reveal the sword!

The fun ended at an air-conditioned room where we have to play a game on the computer to rescue the king!

Return Car

By the time we finished at Fruitsland, it was only 2pm. I had planned to return the car at 5pm at OTS Tomarin Branch because they offered free transfer to any hotel within Naha area. I asked Hubby if we should have some dessert but he insisted on driving to OTS to return our car. I am glad he did! For it took us more than 3 hours to drive all the way down even though Google map and GPS indicated a 1hr 40 minutes drive! 

We also have to go to the designated petrol station indicated by OTS to pump petrol right before returning the car. We drove all the way up to the multi-storey carpark to hand over the car key to an OTS staff, unload our belongings and took the lift to go down to the OTS on level 1 to do the paper work. By the time we were done, it was already 530pm but I am glad that OTS still helped us to call a cab to do the free transfer to the hotel! It's a breeze as we have 2 children, 2 huge pieces of luggage and some other barangs. 

Check In Mecure Okinawa Naha

Upon arrival, it's really easy to do the check in with the friendly English speaking hotel staff. Our intially plan is to take the Yul Rail to Naha Kokusai Dori for dinner but we were totally very hungry by then. So the friendly hotel front desk showed us a map and explained to us where the food are nearby. :) We walked behind the hotel for Ootoya which is surprisingly cheap and yummy, different from Singapore! 

Naha Kokusai Dori

Then we took the Yul Rail to Makishi Station and take a stroll down Kokusai Dori, a 1.6km long shopping street.

Must try the Calbee+ freshly made chips! 

The boys also had their quick dose of Blue Seal ice-cream. We just had to buy it to eat whenever we see it, so they been having blue seal ice cream daily when we were in Okinawa!

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