7d6n Okinawa in Pictures: Day 4

Day 4 Itinerary: 

Breakfast > Busena Marine Park > Aeon Nago > Kouri Island > Churaumi Aquarium > A&W > Seabreeze

Because of the wrong turn on the expressway in previous Day itinerary and we made changes to our itinerary, today we had more time and can actually cover Kouri Island which was initially ditched from my planning! We had breakfast in the room and headed out for our day of fun! Please note that there is a chargeable parking fee of 1000 yen per stay at Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa Hotel.

Busena Marine Park 

Busena Marine Park is located just outside Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa. As usual, we purchased our tickets from OTS car rental when we collected the rental car. They have awesome rates to many attractions so you should check the ticketing area before you leave their premises!

You should check its website before going in case of closure due to bad weather. We parked at the free car park and took the free shuttle bus in for the Bottom Glass boat ride. Can I say the seas towards the northern area of Okinawa is so beautiful and nice? Even when driving, you simply look out and see beautiful clear seas!!

The clear blue sea that you can see right through!

Us onboard the bottom glass boat

You can see fishes right below the boat!

a video i took on the bottom glass boat

Next, we took the shuttle bus again which takes us deeper into the park where the underwater observatory is located.

The long jetty brings us further into the sea and we get to see more clear seas!

In the underwater observatory, there are many porthole windows which you can view out into the sea and see different fishes swimming by 
Of course, how can we leave without feeding the fishes?

You can buy fish food from the dispenser and feed the fishes in the ocean

Aeon Nago Shopping Center

Regretted asking the boys what they want for lunch. -_-||| They asked to go back to Aeon Nago for the yummy spaghetti and doughnuts at Mister Donut again. But then again, though they are a Donut shop, their spaghetti is really good! We took the time and shop at the 100Y shop nearby too. 

Kouri Island

Road on Kouri Bridge

View along the Bridge

On Kouri Island, there is a Kouri Ocean Tower which we skipped. I didn't think my children will be keen so i saved on some entrance fees.  In case if you are keen, the white observation tower at a height of 82 meters above sea level is in a great location to overlook Kouri Bridge. On the first floor, there is the Kouri Island Museum, where the history of Kouri Island is displayed; the second and third floors are indoor observation areas; there is an ocean deck on the rooftop, where you can view the beautiful full panoramic landscape. You can travel up to the tower through the subtropical gardens by cart but i read that you might not be able to get to sit on the cart.

We drove to Kouri Island which has a famous shrimp truck but it wasn't there when we were there. We simply cannot see it anywhere even though according to its website it should be opened day. -_-|| So I guess it's a try your luck thing. So we headed to Kouri Beach instead. It's a public beach, but as we didn't bring along any change of clothes we just stroll along instead. :)

Churaumi Aquarium

Next, we drove to Churaumi Aquarium which is a distance away. The boys get to rest from the heat and tiredness along the way.

Shark Statue

The aquarium opens between 830am to 8pm. For parking, remember to look for the P7 (Aquarium Parking Lot) sign. When I bought our entrance tickets with OTS Car rental, I noticed if you enter the Aquarium after 4pm, you enjoyed an evening discount and can get some amount refunded from the entrance tickets!

Okichan Theatre

Outside the aquarium nearer to the sea, there is a sea turtle pool which we can view for free. There is a Kids Adventure Land (splendid play area) which was closed for renovation when we were there. There are also free live dolphin shows at Okichan Theatre (they have show times which you can google for) which you can watch too! You have to arrive early before the show time for a seat, as it's free, it's FULL packed to the extend where you can't even enter or tip-toed to see anything!

So with that in mind, I planned to arrive at Churaumi Aquarium slightly before 3pm to enjoy the free live shows then we entered the aquarium after 4pm and got refunded partial for our entrance tickets! (yeah money saved!)

a video of this cute BIG type of crab

When we finished the aquarium and headed out, we walked over to Sunset Square and saw the beautiful sunset of Okinawa too.

Dinner at Seabreeze

I googled and found this place called 海風よ nearby our hotel that only opens in the evening. The owner has a cat or two which roams the quaint and cosy restaurant freely amount guests! As i mentioned before in earlier posts, the roads are dark at night in Okinawa making it difficult to orientate and find places. We had a hard time finding this 居酒屋 and almost gave up when i finally noticed a really tiny narrow short road that leads to it! The road is so narrow that only 1 vehicle can enter or exit at anytime with very limited parking available too. They have a free flow drink all your want (Orion draft beer, five awamori, whiskey, sour, plum wine, soft drinks) for 90 minutes on the menu but we didn't try that as we have the kids with us. 

It's definitely not cheap, but worth the memory and tummy for us. :) 

Sake Steamed Clams

Cheese Baked Mussels

Can't remember the name but it's some kinda fried tofu

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