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A Trip Without a Plan

I am glad that the stars aligned and I could go on a very impromptu trip with just my dearest sister, our second time travelling with just the two of us ever. First time before I got married and we were so young then. Now, it's my first time travelling without my children! Thanks to hubby for taking over the childcare role!

It's like freedom for me! I don't have to make breakfast, cook, mop or wash backsides! ;p I ate anything I want and do anything that I wanted! It felt so liberating!

I feel so thankful to make this trip with my sister, a trip full of smiles and chit chat, like when we were young. Priorities change as we get older and it is rare to have quality bonding time as siblings. It's very memorable and precious quality time together. Love ❤️ my sister to the 🌙 moon and back!
Will share our 6d5n Osaka Itinerary later! Ciao!

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Review: Ambi Climate Turns your Aircon into Smart Aircon

Have you experience going to bed at a comfortable temperature but wake up freezing in the middle of the night? Do you constantly adjust the air conditioner temperature (and fan speed) throughout the night while sleeping? Do your children cough in the middle of the night when it gets too cold? Do you sometimes forget to turn off the aircon and come home many hours later to a very cool house?

We have a fair share of the above experiences and is elated to share with you about Ambi Climate - a device that turns your air conditioner into a smart aircon! 
What is Ambi Climate? Ambi Climate is the world’s first AI enabled Smart air conditioner controller. It accurately and efficiently auto-adjust your AC based on weather, time of day and indoor parameters to deliver personalized comfort that fits you perfectly. It also effectively minimizes overcooling and overheating, saving you up to 30% on energy.

We tested the Ambi Climate in our bedroom and shares below on what we love and hope Ambi Clim…

Review + 15% Discount Code: Gaston Luga CLÄSSIC Backpack

I think by now everyone would have known that I am truly a devotee to Gaston Luga. 😝Ask me for a backpack and I will scream "Gaston Luga PLEASE!" 😂 I am so in love with Gaston Luga backpacks. Like I mentioned before, their bags are light yet sturdy, small yet roomy, plain yet stylish, basic yet luxurious! Most importantly, I love how the bag looks good on every one of us in the family!

This time, I chose yet another featured bestseller. Gaston Luga Classic in Black and Brown.

The delivery was super duper quick! I ordered on Friday and DHL delivered to my doorstep on Sunday night! Woohoo!