Review + Discount Code: Homemade CNY Goodies Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

I cannot resist Homemade Goodies!

Ding Dong Chiang~~ In a blink of an eye, Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming again! This year, in order to maintain sanity, I have quit making CNY goodies myself for giving to family and friends. 

But having said that, what's stopping me from gifting to my loved ones homemade goodies? With the power of the Internet, we are now able to order freshly baked CNY goodies from Poon Confectionary (established in Pahang Malaysia since 1971) and have them delivered right to our (or our loved ones') doorstep! 

All their Chinese New Year Goodies are homemade, handmade and freshly baked before being delivered to us as they do not practise storing. With recipes passed down 3 generations of bakers, you can trust that every snack they made is of the best tastes! 

Get 10% Off Your Orders

CNYDelivery is so generous to spread the joy of Chinese New Year! ๐Ÿ˜€ Readers of my blog can enjoy 10% off your purchases (better than the early bird promotion)! 

To order is very easy, simply go to and add to cart your preferred cookies or goodies and check out with coupon code "miracule10".

There is free delivery for orders above $100 and a charge of $6.90 for those under $100. There are 3 time-slots available for delivery: 10am-2pm, 2pm – 6pm and 6pm – 10pm. You can also opt for self-collection if you want to save on delivery fees. :)

If you are worried about taste, you can always go for their free tasting

Remember to apply coupon code "miracule10" to enjoy 10% off before paying!

What's your favourite must-have Chinese New Year Goodies? Our family's favourites are as follow:

Cashew Nut Cookies (่…ฐ่ฑ†้ฅผ)

SGD15.50. 45 pcs in a circular container. 370g net weight

If you are a nut lover like us, you will love the Poon Confectionary’s signature homemade cashew nut cookies! They are baked with a natural tasting intense cashew flavour and lightly salted with sea salt, these cashew nut cookies filled our mouths with a burst of flavour so good that it's hard to stop eating them!

Almond Cookies (ๆไป้…ฅ้ฅผ)

SGD15.50. 45 pcs in a circular container. 430g net weight.

Again, nut lovers shouldn't miss these fantastically roasted fragrant almond cookies which are home-made and handmade to perfection! There is also a strong taste of milk with every melt in the mouth bite.

Super Nice! Once you start, it's hard to stop! 

Cheese Pineapple Tarts (่ตทๅธ้ป„ๆขจ้ฅผ) and Golden Pillow Pineapple Tarts 

Cheese Pineapple Tarts SGD17.90, 21 pieces 460g net weight. Golden Pillow Pineapple Tarts SGD16.90, 530g net weight

A must-have every Chinese New Year is Pineapple Tarts! Our family prefers cheese pineapple tart for the more savoury taste! 

These amazing pineapple tarts melt in your mouth with a fragrant, buttery taste! 

Once I start, I couldn't stop. I kept telling myself one more last piece! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Salted Egg Lotus Root (ๅ’ธ่›‹่Žฒ่—•่–ฏ็‰‡) 


You know, I have learnt it the hard way with McDonald's salted egg fries that not everything salted egg tastes good.. but, THIS!!! This year I opt for salted egg lotus root chips instead of potato, because you know lotus root is lower in carbohydrates and higher in fibres. If you must eat, at least choose the slightly healthier one, right?? ๐Ÿ˜‚

What is your family's must-have Chinese New Year Goodies?


The Poon Confectionary

WhatsApp or Text : 97626523 (daily from 10am – 10pm)
Email : 
Location : 502 Macpherson Road, 368204 (Free Tasting Available)

Established in 1971, Poon confectionary is one of the oldest makers of homemade tidbits and Chinese New Year Goodies in the world. We come from a long line of family bakers, and were famous for Muah Chee and Pineapple Tarts, especially, long before 1971. The Poon Family baked goods from home and sold them at hawker stalls in the streets of Malaysia. In 1971, our first bakery was set up in Pahang, Malaysia, to start retailing. In 2018, the Poon Confectionary expanded to Singapore with the help of partners in Singapore. Keeping in line with the trend of buying goods online in today’s times, we have decided to launch our operations in Singapore on

Keeping it Homemade, Handmade 
As the years went by, many traditional bakers turned to automation and machinery to increase the volume of their goods. However, we knew that the tastes of each cookie are maintained and upheld by our family tradition of hand-making each cookie by hand, with only light machinery used. With this belief, the Poon Confectionary expanded our bakery without any of the machinery that many other bakers had turned to. Our profit margins were lower as a result, but we believed that if we kept to our family recipe, our customers would always be able to tell the difference.


We were gifted some CNY goodies by for review purposes. No other form of compensation is involved and all opinions and photos are my own unless otherwise stated. No part is to be copied or reproduced without permission.

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