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Review + Discount Code: Sudio NIVA - The Perfect Present for the Best Hubby

This year, I found the most perfect present to gift to hubby for our 15th Valentine's Day together! 
Sudio is a lifestyle brand from Stockholm, Sweden, which designs premium earphones with studio quality sound. As I bought products from Sweden before, I fell in love with the Swedish clean and timeless designs and lasting quality. So imagine this on a pair of truly wireless earphones!

I always gift to Hubby something that he can use. Over the years, he had quite a few wallets, bags and watches already. This year, I found this to be perfect for Hubby! He can use the wireless earphones when he's doing sports or commuting to/from work! The earphones come with a built-in microphone so it allows handsfree communication too! Best part, I can share the music with him since there are 2 earphones! (so lovely dovey)

More About The Niva Black
With its remarkably compact construction and 10m range, this true wireless Sudio Niva features Bluetooth 4.2 technology and 3.5 hours of battery lif…

Review + Discount Code: Homemade CNY Goodies Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

Ding Dong Chiang~~ In a blink of an eye, Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming again! This year, in order to maintain sanity, I have quit making CNY goodies myself for giving to family and friends. 
But having said that, what's stopping me from gifting to my loved ones homemade goodies? With the power of the Internet, we are now able to order freshly baked CNY goodies from Poon Confectionary (established in Pahang Malaysia since 1971) and have them delivered right to our (or our loved ones') doorstep! 
All their Chinese New Year Goodies are homemade, handmade and freshly baked before being delivered to us as they do not practise storing. With recipes passed down 3 generations of bakers, you can trust that every snack they made is of the best tastes! 
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CNYDelivery is so generous to spread the joy of Chinese New Year! 😀 Readers of my blog can enjoy 10% off your purchases (better than the early bird promotion)! 
To order is very easy, simply go to https://cnydeli…