7d6n Okinawa in Pictures : Day 2

Day 2 Itinerary:  

Breakfast and enjoy Onsen in Hotel > Shopping at Outlet Mall Ashibinaa > Lunch > Make own Ice-cream at Blue Seal Ice Park > Check-in Sheraton Okinawa Sunmarina Resort  > Sunset at Cape Maeda > American Village

Breakfast and enjoy Onsen in Hotel

After a restful night at the hotel, we woke up early to enjoy Japanese buffet breakfast with a view at the hotel (inclusive with our booking, most of the hotels in Okinawa you have to pay to top up for breakfast)! After which, we went back to our room to enjoy the onsen again. 

The boys told me that this is one of the hotels they missed the most!

view from our private in-room onsen on a good weather day

We saw this scary but too beautiful little bug in our balcony area!

A Photo outside the hotel when daddy went to collect the car

Shopping at Outlet Mall Ashibinaa 

We checked out around 11am (we didn't have to pay for parking at this hotel! in fact, this is the only hotel that we didn't have to pay for parking. haha) and headed to the Outlet Mall Ashibinaa Shopping where you can find many outlets such as GAP, Birkenstock, Sketchers, Billabong, Adidas, AgnesB and more! We spent the longest time at GAP and bought so many clothing there! We also had a quick Lunch at the A&W there before heading to our next appointment! P/s: there is free flow Root Beer in A&W! Even for kids meal!

Decorate You Own Ice-cream at Blue Seal Ice Park

Prior to our trip, I have already registered for the Blue Seal Ice Park "Make your own Ice Cream Experience" at https://coubic.com/icepark. It costs Y1500 per kid which is roughly about S$18.33. Do note that it's so popular that usually it is fully booked like 2 months before (and reservations only open 2 months before too!) Once you made the booking with a selected time slot, you have to make sure you arrive on time before the activity starts, we actually missed the car park entrance and have to drive further to make 2 u-turns to come back again! It's really difficult to find a parking lot so I alighted and bring the kids in first while hubby tries to find a parking nearby. We were slightly late but it's still ok to join in. We informed the cashier of our booking number and paid and we were told to go to our table allocated to us. :)

The boys were sooooooooo excited! Kids were given a sheet of paper to draw and design their own ice cream. After which, they had to go collect the ingredients they needed and tell the staff choice of flavours for their respective Ice cream. Then, they go back to the table to start decorating their ice cream! Every child is given a cooler bag with dry ice to keep his ice cream cool for up to 2 hours.

After the boys were done with their ice cream decoration, we were allowed to enter a freezer room to experience what it's like to be under 20-degree celsius! And there there is free ice cream (additional ice cream for eating on the spot) for all participants, including parents!

Check-in Sheraton Okinawa Sunmarina Resort

After we are done cam-whoring in the Blue Seal Ice Park, we quickly left to go to our next destination - to check-in Sheraton Okinawa Sunmarina Resort! Upon driving into Sheraton Okinawa Sunmarina, a staff will great you and asked you to unload all your luggages and point the driver to drive further up to park somewhere nearby. Me and the boys went into the lobby to do our check-in while hubby went to park the car.

Upon reaching the lobby area, the boys eyes were litted up! Check slightly after 3pm! the boys were ecstatic! The hotel lobby has a very big pond with much marine life. While hubby went to park the car, i was queuing the the boys for checking in. the hotel manager approached my boys with fish food and ask them to go feed the fishes right next to the hotel check-in counters!

Checking out our room and it's so comfortable! There's also a huge balcony outside overlooking the beach! In Okinawa, you have to specify and pay for the number of guests staying (including children). So we noticed that this hotel again has 3 beds which is very comfortable for us to stay in! 

The boys tucked into the ice-cream that they decorated and we quickly changed into swimming costumes and went out to explore the beautiful hotel resort! This beautiful beachside resort is simply just irresistible! It has its own private beach, a lighthouse, a yacht club, and many beach activities like the mega zip which allows you to zip over the sea!

We particularly love playing in the sea! The water is totally clear and we can see right through to find schools of fishes swimming in it! The boys were so excited chasing after and catching the fishes. Of course, we couldn't catch any! LOL. They may be small, but they are damn fast!

Sunset at Cape Maeda

I have to cut short the boy's fun and told them to go back to the room to bath and change, so that we can catch the sunset at the nearby Cape Maeda! When we arrived there, Lil Brother had already fallen asleep! So he missed this beautiful sight!

American Village

I had initially planned to visit Cape Zanpa which is another 5 to 10 minutes drive away, but as Lil Brother had fallen asleep and we were famished, we decided to skip visiting Cape Zanpa and headed to the American Village to have dinner instead!

Here, we managed to see a romantic sunset by the waterfront

Of course we have to try the famous Onigiri Breakfast when we are there! There is only 3 outlets in Okinawa Main Island, and i believe this is the least crowded one. ;p The boys loved it! We actually bought a second serving after we tasted it!

We strolled around the area, which has many exotic and colourful buildings and shops.

There is an Aeon Chatan so we also shopped in the supermarket for tidbits, bread as next day breakfast as well as drinks! I couldn't resist and bought many different flavors of beers! Ooolala~ it's such a paradise for me!

Bookmark this page as I will update more about our Okinawa Trip along the way!

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