Book Review: JJ's Science Adventure - Forces

Previously, we reviewed the first book of the JJ's Science Adventure series - Magnets. The book is so good that we were looking forward to new books by Harvest Edutainment and collected every book launched since.

Compared to other similar science comics that my sons read, the JJ's Science Adventure series is much better in terms of captivating storyline that can make him interested and yearn for more, interesting and colourful graphics and a little humour and cuteness in the comics itself.   :)

The 3 books in the JJ's Science Adventure Series: Magnets, Heat & Light and Forces

What is JJ's Science Adventure? 

JJ's Science Adventure is a series of educational comic books authored by Aurelia Tan and illustrated by Nicholas Liem, to help readers master key learning objectives stated in the Singapore Ministry of Education’s Primary School Science syllabus. The story is about two siblings Joyce and Jonathan, who received their birthday presents from their grandfather, two bags which transform into a talking robot (Robo) and a teleportation portal. With a set of keys from Robo, the kids open the portal into the sub-dimensional world created by the ‘World Maker’, an incredible invention by their grandfather to help them learn science.

About the Book 

Today, I am going to share about our review of the third book: JJ's Science Adventure - Forces! The topic on Forces is taught in Science for upper primary levels. As you know, forces are invisible and are not concrete like a magnet, it's more difficult for a child (even adults!) to understand, remember or explained, even when hands-on experiments are carried out! To some people, it can be as difficult as trying to remember which is the left hand and which is the right hand if you get what I mean.

I was a bit worried that a book meant to cover the upper primary PSLE syllabus might be too difficult for Big Brother. But I would like to introduce him to the topic and concept before the school teaches him. Since he loves the books in the series, I just pass the book to him and my worry was unfounded. Even 5 years old Little Brother was very curious and joined us as we read the book together!

The Cover of JJ's Science Adventure - Forces

The content of the book is simple and straightforward, the whole book is about JJ's adventure related to Forces

The topics of forces are introduced through a humorous and cute comic story on twins JJ's adventure

Introducing forces and how it applies to real life situation

Interesting Did You Know section on the topic Forces

There is also a Challenge Yourself Segment at the end of the book

What I really like about the book: 

  • Introduces the difficult topic on Forces before being taught in school
  • Reinforces difficult to understand concepts in interesting & colourful comics style with A LOT of pictures
  • Captures Big Brother's attention throughout and generates his interests in an otherwise boring topic
  • It introduces the different types of forces in easy to remember real-life objects and situations. The simple manner to explain how the different forces work makes it very easy to understand even for a preschooler! 
  • The colourful visuals in the book really make things easier for students with learning difficulties to learn better 
  • The length of the book is just nice! Not too long and not too short! You can't put down the book once you start reading! 
  • It allows me to easily extend the topics to do real-life experiments and problem solving with my child! It's a lot easier as most of the explanations are already done by the book! 
  • The paper and print quality is very good!

Where to Buy? 

Currently, the book is available for sale online at Harvest Edutainment or at Elm Tree Bookstores (located at Paragon & Downtown East) at SGD18.90 per copy. You can also buy them online by clicking here.

Psst! I noticed that JJ's Science Adventure is on Promo at the Young Scientist Reader! Do check them out soon to save some money!

{ { { G I V E A W A Y    C L O S E D } } }

Sharing is Caring! Aurelia, the author behind these awesome comics for Education, is so generous to rewards 1 lucky reader from my blog with 1 book on JJ's Science Adventure Forces!

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