Stretch Your Washing Machine Life with 5 Simple Steps

Many of us have gotten so accustomed to having a washing machine in our lives, and few of us living in fast paced Singapore can imagine having to bend our backs over to scrub over our laundry over a few hours a week. This is especially true for those with children – there are so many more things to soil, like bibs and small towels, to add on to the numerous daily changes of clothing. A washing machine can break down, and the need for repair can hence be a cause for headache for many of us out there!

Fret not – today, I am sharing with you some simple steps you can take to stretch out your washing machine (and income) for even longer. :)

Step 1: Clean up the spills. It's easy to over tilt the detergent at times and cause spillage over the sides. It may seem innocent to leave it as is, but the surface of washing machines are often made of enamel material that can get damaged by chemical compositions such as bleaching agents. Simply take a cloth to clean off these spillages.

Step 2:
 Check that your washing machine is level. This would help ensure your washing machine does not rock or vibrate excessively and get damaged in the process. Furthermore, it would help reduce buildup of detergent in the washing machine drawer. If you find that this is not the case, you would need to adjust the “legs” to bring them to level again. These are usually adjusted via the locking nuts. Over time also, it is possible that the nuts for adjusting the legs will loosen and they may need adjustments to be level again.

Step 3: Wipe both the inside and outside once a week. Use a damp cloth to wipe both the drums and the exterior of your washing machine. This can also be an opportunity to clean off some of the lint that got caught in your drum during the laundry washing process. For those with front load machines, the rubber of the doors would also need wiping as trapped lint and hairs can cause a build up of odours. With the many functions that washing machines come with these days, you may also find an option to clean off the fluff as one of the modes, that you can operate to remove the lint.

Wipe the drums with a damp cloth once a week to remove lint that got caught during the wash (image from pixabay)

Step 4: Inspect the hoses. These hoses may start to wear out over time, and if they “burst”, it may cause a flood in your home and damage your other items. While these typically last you for about 5 years, a quick check that they are in good condition and tightly connected to your washing machine once every few months would give you that added assurance so you can replace them timely before further damages are caused.

Step 5: Remove finished loads quickly. Letting damp clothes sit for long in the washing machine can lead to a buildup of mold! Taking them out quickly and also leaving the washing machine door open after a wash would help to prevent this, and also allow for air to circulate in the machine and reduce odours.

Leaving the machine door open after every wash, can help to reduce odours (Image from Pixabay)

With these simple tips that would take merely a few minutes a week, you can help your washing machine go a longer way, and stretch your dollars more!

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