Learn Watercolour Painting with HeArt Studio

When i stumbled upon watercolor painting at home with my boys, I realised that I like it very much and my interests grew stronger each time I painted something. I even brought my boys to the Zoo to observe and paint the animals there!

Very simple paintings that I did on my own before I attended any art classes

Another simple painting that I did by myself at home

After a while, I felt the urge to go further in watercolour painting! I began to search online for watercolour painting classes, but alas! Theses classes are usually thematic one off class and very costly! 😦  The class sizes also varies depending on the fees payable, between 4 students to a huge group like 20?  I also noticed that most of theses trainers have full time jobs, thus their classes are only available on weekends or evenings after work. These timings do not work for a stay home mum like me, weekend are kept class-free so that we can have quality family day. I want a weekday class that I can attend when my boys are in their schools. Since there were no suitable classes for my timing and budget, attending painting lessons became much of a wild dream for me.

If you had followed my blog or social medias, you would have known that my boys had been students at HeArt Studio for many years! They go there for their holiday programmes, as well as regular weekly art classes. Few months ago, while I was sitting (waiting and stoning) at the waiting area while the boys were in their respective classes, I suddenly decided to ask HeArt Studio if they teach watercolour painting to adults! And YES!!! While HeArt Studio is well-known for being an Art school to children, they actually do conduct adult classes if their schedule permits too!

So, my wildest dreams came true! HeArt Studio opened an adult class for me, at the same timing on the same day that my boys attend their art classes! How cool is that? Nowadays, I bring my boys to HeArt Studio, and the three of us say bye to each other and go into our respective classroom! I am so happy that I put my waiting time into good use and is learning to paint very beautiful works myself too!

Let me share more about my painting journey with HeArt Studio! My art teacher is JJ.

On my first lesson with her, I was allowed to think and paint anything that I wanted and that caught me by surprise! Every other classes I found are all specific - you go there to paint flowers, whales, dogs, cats, plants etc. But at HeArt Studio, it's different! I really get to decide what I want and I can paint anything i wanted! And I really like that! *Woohoo*

So I told her I would like to paint lotus and we researched online what type of lotus and scene I would like to paint. And I had to began sketching my work on a rather huge blank watercolour paper! I was surprised again, there isn't another training provider that lets you paint something this big! The classes I found were usually less than A4 size painting!

Artwork at the end of my 1st lesson with HeArt Studio


Here's the completion of my first art work after 4 lessons! As you can see the before (1st lesson) and after (completion), you will realised that I even made changes along the way! I added a second fish as I felt it will look better. What do you think of my work? To be honest, I felt extremely proud of myself! I didn't know that I will be capable of painting something like this!

The completed Lotus artwork was even nicer than my imagination!

I felt so confident after completing my first artwork, I actually got started on my second artwork with the intention of gifting it to my sister to hang in her new home! (Haha, like I felt for sure that it will be so beautiful that she will hang it up!)

Indeed it was really beautiful! Sketching the elephants on a blank piece of paper was really really difficult! But my breathe was taken away as I was painting this, I kept saying to myself "OMG, this is really beautiful.. I really love my painting!" 😂😂😂 For this work, I learnt more about mixing colours! The colour of the elephants was done by mixing two colours that you cannot imagine will work together! Do you want to guess what colors were used to paint these elephants?

Progress of my 2nd work, did you see how i made changes along the way?

For my third project, i chose to paint orchids. And personally I feel this is the most difficult work. 😂 I had a phobia of sketching on blank canvas and I kept feeling I didn't get my proportions right. Nevertheless, i completed it in the end and it turned out beautiful too!

My third artwork

Starting on formal painting lessons allows me to know the mistakes i made when I was anyhow self painting. I was most surprised to see a totally different side and learnt something new of myself! I think the biggest gain is how I began to appreciate my children's work a lot better!

For one, I didn't know I had such huge fears every time i start a new project, only until I have to start 3 new ones within a short period! I have a vision in my head of how i want my end results to be, and I get very stressed in the beginning as I am planning how i want to achieve it. It's especially evident as I got started on different artworks which were decided by myself and not what others told me to draw/paint. Do you know it's actually very scary to sketch on a totally blank canvas? Now, I can appreciate more of my childrens' effort in every single painting they did, because I understand what needs to be done in other to achieve them!

And, I didn't know I am such a asshole perfectionist! I realised that I am super particular in starting right so that it can not go wrong! That means I am always not satisfied with my sketches and I even had the intention to go observe the real thing to edit my sketches before I start painting them! For this, I am really thankful to Teacher JJ! She is really patience and she always reassure me that my sketches are fine and guide me to move on to painting, else i would never be able to complete my works! Haha!

For the past 10 weeks while I was painting, I had never felt so good before in a long time! While learning painting skills and techniques, painting itself is really very fun and relaxing! My art sessions with Teacher JJ felt like art jamming, we chit chat along the way as I painted! But do you know that guided art jamming sessions are very expensive in Singapore?!! I extremely love watercolour painting, and as i chatted with JJ,  I began to be interested in other types of painting that I would like to try out in future!

Having painted with Heart Studio for 10 weeks now, I must say I realised I seriously neglected myself all these years when I am a stay home mum! It's been a really long time since I felt a huge personal sense of accomplishment, that kind of satisfaction and happiness when I saw how my own paintings progress and complete. I still have and can develop my own skills/talent while being a SAHM! Now, I kept wondering what had I been doing all theses while! I could have started painting much earlier!

For those who are keen to explore adult art lessons with HeArt Studio, the pricing is really reasonable! You can do anything you like from watercolour/acrylic/oil pastel/batik painting to even modeling clay! Depending on how perfectionist you are, it usually takes 2 to 3 lessons to finish an art project. If you have more friends to join you, you can also make an enquiry with HeArt Studio to check on the fees. There is a minimum purchase of 5 sessions, but I will suggest you to go for 10 lessons, especially if your children are also a student with them!

If you are keen to know more about HeArt Studio art classes, please visit them at http://www.heartstudiosg.com/ or follow them on Facebook.

Heart Studio is located at 1 Charlton Lane #01-04 , Singapore 539631

They can be contacted via
Tel: (65) 6554 7563
Fax: (65) 6554 7562
Email: info@heartstudiosg.com

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