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Play At Home: Magic Snow

It's the winter weekends in Singapore (where temperature hovered around a chilly 21 to 23 degree celsius) and we stayed home rather comfortably without using the aircons! 
I remembered about the Snow Magic which I purchased from the Curiosity Shop at Science Centre and so, we had a little snowy fun right at home! It wasn't expensive at all! And it's reusable! 

Ok, it does feels a little messy and yucky on my hands.. haha! Reminds me of what's inside a full diaper! 😂

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9d8n Taiwan in Pictures (Day 3) Exploring Taichung

Day 3 Itinerary: Exploring Taichung

Travel Period: 31 Jan to 8 Feb 2015
Group consists of: Hubby & I, my two boys aged 1+ and 5+, and my parents aged 60+

Day 3 Itinerary:
Rainbow Village 彩虹村 --> 新社古堡 --> Go Kart --> 新社花海 --> Carton King 大坑纸箱王 --> Gaomei Wetlands 高美湿地

P/S: As mentioned in my previous post, I planned the itinerary together with 金鸿运 and book a 9 seater car (spacious and can accomodate our luggages with winter wear!) with Xiao Li our driver who drove us around. You can contact them via Whatsapp and the lady Wenny can converse in English very well. They had car seats for my boys and even told us that we do not need to bring our stroller for the 1 year old, they loan us for our stay there, even though there were a few days in between that we didn't require the tour service!

After a yummy and filling breakfast provided by In One City Inn, we headed downstairs to meet up with Xiao Li our driver, who was already waiting for us downstairs.

First stop, we …

Learn Watercolour Painting with HeArt Studio

When i stumbled upon watercolor painting at home with my boys, I realised that I like it very much and my interests grew stronger each time I painted something. I even brought my boys to the Zoo to observe and paint the animals there!

After a while, I felt the urge to go further in watercolour painting! I began to search online for watercolour painting classes, but alas! Theses classes are usually thematic one off class and very costly! 😦  The class sizes also varies depending on the fees payable, between 4 students to a huge group like 20?  I also noticed that most of theses trainers have full time jobs, thus their classes are only available on weekends or evenings after work. These timings do not work for a stay home mum like me, weekend are kept class-free so that we can have quality family day. I want a weekday class that I can attend when my boys are in their schools. Since there were no suitable classes for my timing and budget, attending painting lessons became much of a wild …

Stretch Your Washing Machine Life with 5 Simple Steps

Many of us have gotten so accustomed to having a washing machine in our lives, and few of us living in fast paced Singapore can imagine having to bend our backs over to scrub over our laundry over a few hours a week. This is especially true for those with children – there are so many more things to soil, like bibs and small towels, to add on to the numerous daily changes of clothing. A washing machine can break down, and the need for repair can hence be a cause for headache for many of us out there!

Fret not – today, I am sharing with you some simple steps you can take to stretch out your washing machine (and income) for even longer. :)

Step 1: Clean up the spills. It's easy to over tilt the detergent at times and cause spillage over the sides. It may seem innocent to leave it as is, but the surface of washing machines are often made of enamel material that can get damaged by chemical compositions such as bleaching agents. Simply take a cloth to clean off these spillages.

Step 2:Che…

Media Invite: Celebrate A Merry MINIONS Holiday @ NEX

Our family were invited by NEX to experience a Merry Minions Holiday at the largest Mall in North-East region of Singapore! I am sure everyone must have been to this huge Mall that has everything you need - our personal favorite hunts there are Isetan, NTUC Xtra, Popular and shopping at H&M and Uniqlo! This school holiday, NEX is one highly recommended mall for you to bring the family there to do your Christmas Shopping while the Little Ones get to feel like a SVIP for the day!

I have summarised all the funs that you can look out for below!
1. Daily Live Christmas Show Location: NEX Atrium, Level 1
Date: 1st to 10th December 2017 
Time: 1pm and 7pm 
Admission: Free!

First and foremost, look out for their live on stage "Wacky Tropical Christmas" show which happens at the level 1 Atrium daily at 1pm & 7pm! Dance and sing along with Santarina and her jolly friends on a beach holiday and groove with life-sized animal balloon floats!

2. Tropical Balloon Land Location: NEX A…