9d8n Taiwan in Pictures (Day 2) Exploring Miaoli

Day 2 Itinerary: Exploring Miaoli

Travel Period: 31 Jan to 8 Feb 2015
Group consists of: Hubby & I, my two boys aged 1+ and 5+, and my parents aged 60+

Day 2 Itinerary:
Check out Spentime Minsu--> 採草莓--> 明德水庫--> 獅頭山--> 薰衣草森林--> 勝興車站--> 龍騰斷橋-->Check into In One City Inn in Taichung--> Explore FengJia Night Market

P/S: As mentioned in my previous post, I planned the itinerary myself and book a car with Xiao Li our driver who drove us around.

As we woke up early in the morning freezing cold from the Taiwan winter, we took a hot spring soak right in the comfort of our own room, peeking through the wooden window vanes into the lake our room was facing. The hot spring here is too good! You should read more about the hotspring in my previous post!

I took this pictures of the swans swimming about in the lake

After we were done soaking, we went down for our first breakfast in Taiwan! The minsu provided very hearty breakfast for the guests!

We explored the restaurant of the minsu as we waited for them to allocate a table for us

Us having breakfast taiwanese minsu style

Look how sumptuous our breakfast dishes were! There were also many dishes that I had not shown here!

The beautiful areas within our minsu

Meanwhlie, our driver Xiao Li were back waiting for us in the car park about an hour earlier than the time he told us! We didn't realised until we were strolling in the vicinity after our breakfast and saw him! So we quickly went back to our room and bring down our luggages for check out of the Minsu.

Just less than 3 minutes away from the Minsu is our first stop! There were many strawberry farms located outside our Minsu and we decided to visit the one below!

This is really a fun activity for the very young to the very old!

I am intrigued by how a strawberry plant looks like, its flowers and the fruits itself hanging from the plant!

Check out how much strawberries we picked!! It was expensive cos we picked A LOT! haha

Next, we went to MingDe Dam (明德水庫) as it was one of the places which I googled that is possible to visit in Miaoli. I read that it has a bridge connected to 日新岛 that is really beautiful on pictures. There are also many cute small animals after the bridge! (if you can read chinese, you can take a look here to find out more about this place. )

But when we arrived, I was lost. The lake is beautiful, we walked around but everything looked a little not familiar from what I expected. I have no idea where to find that bridge too. 😂😂 So we just took some pictures and spend about half hour there before taking the car to another point.

Beautiful flower blooming just by the road side

If Singapore is a Green country, Taiwan must be a Flower Country! Everywhere we went, it's not hard to spot seas of flowers blooming! So as our driver drove, he will point to us the wild 花海 that he spotted and asked us if we want to stop for photos! And so we did!

a random field by the road filled with flowers! 

He also spotted beautiful Cherry Blossom blooming right outside a private house and asked if we would like to stop for photos! 

And we did! Taking pictures right at the door of a very wealthy house! 

When i was doing research of places to visit in Miaoli, I came across this 獅頭山 which mentioned that you can see it looks like a Lion's head from afar. So i added it into the list of places to go. However, when we arrived, again I was stumped. It looked nothing like what i saw in the pictures i googled leh.... I also asked around the locals there and while most do not know what I am talking about, a shop owner told me that we can view it from a primary school nearby. So Xiao Li was very kind to oblige to drive us over. But alas, we still cannot see anything like that.. I google about it again when I am back in Singapore, and realised that DAMN!! There are many 獅頭山 in Taiwan! LOL! So we probably headed to the wrong one!

But nevertheless, this 獅頭山 is still pretty! There were so many cherry blossoms all over the hill!

Next, we took the drive to the Lavender Cottage! It's far from my imagination! Haha, i had thought i will be able to immerse myself in a field full of blooming lavender, but haha, nah! It's not so much! Just bushes of it but enough to make me happy!

we had lunch there too!

Next, we headed to 勝興車站! it's a small quaint place, surprisinly FULL of people! The train tracks were full of people so we waited to take pictures! It's picture worthy, but haha, its quite a boring place though! We went there to take some pictures and shopped around for some bookmarks! 

Just nearby to 勝興車站 is the 龍騰斷橋, which is another photo taking spot. There is nothing else there except for this broken bridge. 😂

After this, we headed straight all the way to Taichung to check in to our accommodation at In One City Inn! Our driver was the one who assisted me to book the accommodation as I am not very well versed with reading the traditional chinese! Just below the hotel is the Fengjia night market and of course we wasted no time to explore the market on our own!

With this, we end our second night in Taiwan. Thank you for reading! If you are keen to continue reading about our adventure in Taiwan, please follow me on Facebook or bookmark this post. :) I will update it along the way.

9d8n Taiwan Family Trip with young children and grandparents

Day 1: Touch down in Tao Yuan and Transit to Miaoli Hotspring stay
Day 2: Exploring Miaoli: 採草莓--> 明德水庫--> 獅頭山--> 薰衣草森林--> 勝興車站--> 龍騰斷橋--> Check into In One City Inn in Taichung--> Explore FengJia Night Market
Day 3: Exploring Taichung: Rainbow Village 彩虹村 --> 新社古堡 --> Go Kart --> 新社花海 --> Carton King 大坑纸箱王 --> Gaomei Wetlands 高美湿地

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